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BBQ @ work?

Ya so I was printing about 4315 letters and envelopes when Craig calls me and tells me that there is a BBQ down in the reconditioning area. It was pretty cool, I didn’t think that I would have a BBQ any other job than the construction. It’s been a better day today. Much better than yesterday. I found out that the cop that I was pulled over by was a real dick. My mom knows some one on the Shelby Twp. force and he said that that guy isnt the coolest. So hopefully my trial on this issue you will succeed! BOOYAH! I just recently got off the fone with Mr. Simpson(general manager) and he said that it still is possible that I will be able to get the sebring convertible. I’m just waiting for his fone call. That would cool to have for homecoming. I hope I get it. Well anyways I’m back on my way to work. Today has been a “nice” day. I want more days like this. Oh yeah and last nite Sarah and I watched SE7EN. It was really graphic and weird movie, but enjoyable.(hehe) Ayite, I’m out!


Ya what do ya know, driving home last nite from PJ’s wasnt exactly the greatest. As I was exiting M59 at the Mound,Merrill exit I got pulled over for speeding. The cop didnt even question me he just wrote up my ticket and took off. It’s so gay!! The speed limit goes from 65 to 35 like that. And he clocked me at 50, but he gave me 45 in a 35 which is still not cool. So ya I got my first dumb ass ticket. I’m goin to fight it though. I found this really cool website that helps you fight your ticket, click here to go to the website. I think it’s worth the fight. I mean I should have atleast gotten a warning. And the worst part about it is I was decelerating when he got me(before I seen the cop) I was coming down to speed but he caught me in the midst of it. It’s shitty ya I know, but I don’t want any driving points on my record!! Well anyways besides that stuff I helped PJ setup his new computer. I spent about an hour on the fone with this technical support chic and she just hung up outta no where so I just figured the rest out myself. Yesterday was a horrible day it was a really bad day. I’m glad that it is today and I’m hoping for the better!! I know it’s only 1:30 but soon I will be on my way home. Work has been really hectic!! I have this thing where I am to build a list of customers who need service on their car and I was just on the fone with Gil Hale in New York for over 2 hours editing the source for the visual foxpro DCMS. I think we have it down. He just has to do the final pack and recompile the app so I can do the distribution. We had a database of over four thousand customers that after we had to manually remove duplicates. Now I have to recreate a merged letter document for printing. I also have a million other things on my mind right now. Wayne (my boss) has so much he wants me to do before I leave this friday. Also I don’t know if I am going to rent a car from here with this whole speeding ticket dilemma. Insufficient funds. I’ll see how it goes. Man Alive!! It’s homecoming this weekend I still haven’t gotten my tie or shirt, I don’t know where we are eating or what group I am going with. I’m not ready I got so much I need to take care of. I work on my computer at home to get done. In about a week I leave for college and I don’t have anything packed, I dont’ know what I am bringing, my mom wants me to thoroughly clean my room before I go, and still need to get ready. AHH!! I need to just go home and sit down for like 26 minutes. Major stress on my back today!! WOW!! Well it’s best I get back to my stuff here at work, I just wrote this entry to relieve some of the stress, much better now. I can’t wait to go home(Sarah’s, I kinda miss her, actually I really do!!) Ayite back to the mats!

Another Weekend

This weekend was normal as any other. On friday I went to the Stevenson-Utica football game. Stevenson won, woopee. It’s strange now, when I go to these football games it’s a different feeling knowing that you don’t go to this school anymore. And within the next week or so I will be starting college. Crazy. After the game Sarah, PJ, Pete, Kennedy, Ian, Katie, Rachel, and Brittany came ova. We ordered some pizza and then just chilled around. That on Saturday Sarah and I went to Westview Cider Mill and went through a corn maze, pretty cool. Later that night we watched Marisa and Sarah, PJ, Ian, and Katie came over again. This time I dressed up in this crazy clown outfit and sat on the hood of Ian’s car with a staple gun in my hand driving by Nash’s house to scare all the people that were in the street. Not the greatest moment, I kinda fell of the car and went rolling. But later that nite Ian and PJ decided to buy gold fish to put in my waterscape thingy in my room. Not the best idea. 2 of the fish already died. I put ’em in Justin’s tank now. Then yesterday, a slow day also. Didn’t do much cleaned up the house and then went to Sarah’s. Later that nite we went to her friend’s birthday party. I had my sister Marisa with us the whole time. It was an interesting nite. That bout sums up my weekend. Fun eh? Aren’t you glad that you just wasted about 2 mins and 16 secs reading what I did this weekend, even though it has no effect on you? Thank you. Anyways I’m gonna go now I think the servers here at work are back online(we had some problems with the network servers here at work, which paused me from being able to do any work, so I decided to write this journal entry) Later….

What A Day!

It has been an enjoyable day so far. Last nite was really great. Sarah and I were supposed to go to Buca de Beppos, but they don’t open til Sept. 30th. So instead we went to Tirami` Su. The food was great. Her friend Angelina was working up there. As of today, my brain is on a bit of an overload. I found this awesome website ( and now I know so much about computers it’s amazing. It’s great. Anyways here at work I have been doing alot to. I just finished updating the virus scan on about 65 computers for the new nimda virus. Craig seemed a little stressed today. He was sitting in the customer lounge area, which he never has done that. Also tomorrow Eric(Mann) wants me come visit him up at Hot Hits on Gratiot. I’ll prolly go. I dunno, today’s been quite a day!


Hi I don’t know why this entry is in here but it is okay bye!

Anniversio trimestre de Sarah y Anthony

Today is Sarah and I’s three month anniversary. Wow I can’t believe that it has already been three wonderful months. It’s great. If you wanna see a picture of us, click here. Tonight we are to be going to Buca de Beppo’s for dinner. The weather’s kinda shitty though, but that’s ayite. I just back from the Chrysler marshalling fields in Lapeer. I drove a 2001 Sebring back, not the greatest car but decent. I made stop at my old job but my old boss was doing a walkthrough so I wasn’t able to talk to him. Oh well. In about 15 days from today I will be leaving to go up to my college, Kettering University. I’m kinda excited bout the whole thing. It’s going to be hard to leave so much behind, but it’s only 3 months and I’m back again. Oh! I start this new website that will be about me and have everything that I have done or anything that has to do with me on it. There’s nothing to it right now but within a week or so it should having something to it. Its Check it out sometime when it’s up. I’ll be sure to tell ya when it is too. Well I got some work to get down so lata!

Looks Like Some One Has The Case Of The Mondays

Today has been quite an extensive day. Over the weekend I purchased Officespace and watched it bout 4 times. Sweetass movie!! The today has been long. I’ve been workin as usual. Craig wasn’t in today again. But I was able to take care of updating the database. It’s weird to think but I only have 9 more days of work til I start college. WOW!! It should be cool. Well nothing new, another mundane day. I was thinking about making a photomosaic, bout my only highlite of the day. Ah well I’ll see what happens.

BBQ @ PJ’s

Tonite we went to PJ’s for a BBQ, quite fun. I was relaxing to sit around a fire with a bunch of friends and talk about all old stuff. Even tho the night started off a little wierd in the end it was so much betta. Sarah iz da coolest. It’s gonna suck w/o her this october. I’ll make the best of it though. Overall today was enjoyable.

Shoppin’s A Bitch

Yesterday was a crazy day at the mall. I had to get a couple of gifts for my cousins for their b-days. I couldn’t figure out what the hell to get! Finally I settled down with some jewelry and a Mann CD. It’s all good. PJ and Sarah prolly would never wanna go shoppin wit me again. Oh well I got my shit done. Now today I’m goin to get Eric(a.k.a. Mann) to sign my CD for my cuz. Anyways I’m here at work, not sure what I’m going to do, Craig isn’t working today because his best friend just got killed in a car accident, I sorry for him. It’s been one helluva week!! I can’t believe what has happened! Damn!! Hopefully 2nite will be tite. I need a normal nite this week. Yesterday I burned the shit out of my ass again. Hurts like hell!! Well 2nite I’m goin to my cousins’ b-day party and to Kelly’s b-day party. I hope she enjoys her gift, I was up to 3 0’clock in the morn finishing up that thing!! But I’m impressed with the finished product. It should be fun 2nite. Work is calling me so I gotta get back 2 it! Lata!

America Under Attack

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