Archive: October 2001

Windows XP is sweet!!

I know I haven’t been able to write in my journal lately, but I’m back and better than ever. Over the past few days I begun to upgrade my computer to Windows XP. I was having many difficulties such as formatting my hard drive 4 times and installing 3 different OS’s 7 times just to figure out how to get it on my computer. And it was the simplest little problem. It’s much better now I have it working and it’s so awesome!! Yesterday night I went go karting with the Pikes and it was completely crazy. People we bajaing the go karts over hills and grass. They were switching tracks and just going crazy. But the fun ended after one of the Pikes decided to take the go kart off the track and into the parking lot. The owners of the place called the cops on us and we got kicked out. Crazy stuff. As of today I haven’t done much, just about finished up, updating my computer with all its previous applications and files. I have my first major Chemistry test tomo which is worth 20% of my grade. So I will be doing some studying tonite!! Well I gotta get goin I have a mandatory unit meeting in about 15 minutes and I have some other lil things to get done, so I’m out!

Cedar Point!!

Last Saturday I spent the day with Sarah at Cedar Point. It was such an awesome day. We rode just about every roller coaster. The millenium force is the best. We rode it in the morning and then at night. It’s cool in the dark. We had a disposable camera and I took pictures at the top of the magnum and of other roller coasters. I love having someone to ride roller coasters with, and especially when its with Sarah! She’s the best. Yesterday I had to leave early, unfortunately, but I went over Sarah’s that morning and she made me breakfast. It wsa really good too. I miss her already. When I finally got back to school we had our first football game. I made it just in time. We lost the game, 18-12. It’s okay though I think we will do much better next week. It was a long day yesterday, not much to do. I really wanted Sarah to come up and visit me, but she couldn’t. Someday though she will be able to. Overall this weekend was awesome!! Cedar Point was a blast. Today was just another monday. I got a 90 on my chem quiz though, which was about the only highlite of my day. Very cool weekend, and ya I miss ya Sarah, but see u Friday!!

Same ol’ School Stuff

Well this week hasn’t been all that exciting. Mostly working on alot of homework and getting other stuff done. Classes are getting much more difficult. A lot of stuff to do, obviously thats why it’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry. I just got finished working out and playing ping pong with Bruce. My body’s really sore, but its a good thing. Last nite I was awake up til 3 a.m. doing h/w and other stuff(I’ll tell you what that other stuff is next week other wise I’d be giving away something, especially if Sarah reads this) Tomo I’ll be goin home!! BooyaH! Supposively we are to be going to a haunted house tomo nite. And then Saturday, Cedar Point!! Sarah and I will be goin to Cedar Point for the Halloweekend. On Sunday I have my first football game. Should be interesting. I think that we’re pretty good. Yesterday we had a very well ran practice. We were able to run some plays and get them down. I think I remember most of them. We do this crazy thing where we have to tailbacks, one on each side of the QB and the center can snap it to either of the three players. Its extremely confusing for the defense. We kick ass!! Can’t wait til this weekend. It’s gonna be awesome!! I best be getting to my homework now so I’ll recap you later on my weekend. Lata!

Whatta Weekend

Well I know its been awhile since I’ve written a entry, but for my first week of classes recap, everything went well. Classes go on the roll. Not too difficult yet, but surely it is progressing. My classes consist of precalculus, principles of chemistry, written and oral communication, computing and algorithms, and a mandatory student orientation held once a week. Not bad. I’m done with classes by 3:20 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and by 2:15 on Tuesday and Thursday. Oh and Friday was great!! I finally got to come home, my dad picked me up around 3:30. I chilled for a little bit waiting for the Stevenson/Eisenhower football game. Finally when it was time for the game I was there, and as I pictured Sarah was sitting where she normally sits looking better than ever, I guess you never really realize how much you miss someone until its been awhile and see her again. It just makes my day. Well the game was awesome, even though Stevenson lost, but here’s how it happened. First off there was about a minute or two left in the game and Stevenson was losing 17-10, but were on the 8 going in for the score. Fourth down pass missed, but pass interference was the call and now first down and half the distance to the goal! First play after that was a pass into the endzone for a TD. Now tied at 17. After 3 lousy kickoff attempts by the Titans Eisenhower ended up with the ball on the Stevenson’s 40. The were able to move the ball all the way down to the 3 yard line, but couldn’t get in. So they went for the field goal. Shanked it wide, which put the game into overtime. Stevenson one the coin toss getting the first attempt to score start with the ball on the 10. There were unable to put up the points so they went for a field goal (about a 20 yard field goal) and it was kicked short. Then on Eisenhower’s shot to score they went for the field goal on their first play getting it and winning the game 20-17. It was a great game. Later that nite didn’t do much. Spent most the nite with Sarah. The next morning I went to the U of M football game against Purdue. Another great football game. In this game Michigan won!! Later that nite Sarah and I watched Meet the Parents and just chilled. Now on Sunday we had a birthday party for my grandpa, 70 years. It was great. Finally our basement got finished and we had about 65-70 people over. After my grandpa had cut the cake he made his wishes quoting, “Love each other, respect each other, and have as much sex as possible!” He was so crazy, but it was cool. Later that nite my cuz Nick came over and one of my girlfriends friends came over. We tried hooking them up (which might be working) We took them and some other people to the movies to go see Corky Romano, funny movie, but not the greatest. I’m thinking that my cuz Nick and Laura (my g/f’s friend) might try each other. It’d be sweet! Well much later I drove myself back upto Kettering. I already miss Sarah again!! Today I had a Chem test, in which I think went well. Hope it did. Now I’m off to lunch ayite so later!

Party Crazy!!!

Last nite I went to this crazy party at a house down the street called the fortess. There had to be atleast 200 people there. I had a few drinks and then I was talkn to a few people from the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and they brought me and one of my buddys Terry with them back to their fraternity house. We party a little more there til like 4 in the morn and then came home. What a crazy nite. It’s college baby. But anyways this morn I woke up round 11:30 and went to lunch. Then later in the afternoon there was this thing where we met all the fraternities and we play this game called capture the girlfriend. In this game there was teams of 30 guys and each had a blowup doll in which the other team was trying to get and bring into there territory. It was a brawl. I got up to the doll and grabbed it but I was just anihalated. There tossed me around like nothing. I got a punch in the face and above my lip it busted up so now its bruised and I got blasted in the shin by a kick. It was nuts. I didn’t end up getting the doll either. Ahh well it was a game. Anyways I got my schedule today. Not exactly what I wanted, but its tolerable. I’m going to try to mix it around so I dont have classes on fridays. I hope alot that it works. I miss Sarah soo much and it would just give me that extra bit of time each week to be with her. I sure can’t wait til this friday!! Well classes start tomo. Yikes!! I think I’m gonna get some sleep 2nite. A few of my buddies went to a frat party tonite. Not me. I can’t do that on a school nite, I’m not going to get caught behind. Besides I’m tired, I spent the last 2 hours practicing football for our team. I think I’ll be playing wide receiver. Then after I did a little 30 minute workout. I’m gonna try to keep myself in shape up here. My body’s achin. I’ll prolly just hang out with Ryan and we’ll prolly just chill around. He’s cool kid. Well I’m gonna go see what he’s up to. I’ll be back lata!! Classes tomo!!

Kettering Starts

Yesterday I arrived on campus and moved into my dorm. It’s was a crazy day. I miss Sarah soooo much!! I haven’t really made any new friends, talked to a few people, but nothing that great. Last nite we had a unit meeting where we introduce ourselves to the rest of our unit. Then went out to dinner at Pizza Hut. It’s a big difference making the transition to dorm life and living alone. I think I will be able to cope with what is applied to me. I still miss Sarah though. This morning I woke up around 6:30 to get ready for the math placement exam. It was damn hard! No calculator and they were long problems that had to be worked out. If I don’t pass this exam I’ll be placed in precalc, which is where I don’t want to be. I dunno, I think I did a decent job though. I’ll find all of this out Sunday afternoon. Well last nite I chilled in my dorm the whole nite. Didn’t talk to many people. Basically I’m trying to make the adjustment. It’s a weird feeling be away and all, but I guess I don’t have it that bad. Like when I was eating dinner with 5 other guys, one of them is from North Carolina and another was from out of state so atleast I know I will be able to go home occasionally. I’m missing Sarah still. Oh also last nite I decided to sign up for the intramural football team. I just hope that none of the games are on the weekend b/c I won’t be attending. I’ll be home. This is craziness. The rest of the day is pretty simple, just a few seminars and lectures about things like sex and alcohol. Other than that the day is going to be long. I can’t wait til next friday when I can home. This first week is going to be the longest. But I will make it through, I know it! I guess if I look on the bright side, the internet connection here is awesome. So fast!! I can download a whole CD in about 5 minutes!! I love it. Well I guess I should go mingle with some new people, and see what else is up around here. So I best be going. I miss my family and everyone else, and of course I definitely miss Sarah soo much!! I can get through this!

Best Weekend!!

This weekend was the greatest!! Yeah it was homecoming weekend I did get that sebring convertible and it was the perfect weekend for it. The weather was great. I had so much fun. Sarah looked amazing (as I didn’t know she would anyways), I was so happy and greatful I was with her. The pictures came out great, the weather was perfect for them. The dance was fun too. I didn’t really do any dancing but I did give a bit of a try. The dance ended a lil early due to a fight, but that wasn’t til the end anyways. Dinner was tasty. We ate at Macaroni Grill. Then after the restaurant we went back to Karrie’s house for awhile. Later that nite Sarah and I met up with Ian and Katie and went back to my house for a little while. I will never forget this nite, ever! It was awesome!! I couldn’t asked for anything better! Then on Sunday Sarah and I went to her aunt’s house for her birthday. Her aunt has a sweet house, I like it a lot. After that we went cruise along the water in Grosse Point on Jefferson. Another great day! The weather was perfect!! Later that nite PJ and I watched the Band-o-rama. It was really cold I didn’t wear much. In conclusion out of all the weekends I ever had I think this one tops it!! Sarah looked awesome, the dance was cool, and everything else on the weekend couldn’t have been better! Thanks to Sarah for help making it be!! Also Happy Birthday to my Mom, today is her birthday!! Best wishes to her! Lata!