Archive: November 2001

Studying Like No Otha!

What a week it’s been. I have done nothing but homework after homework after homework. Its been a crazy crazy week. I’ve so many things that I needed to do this week, and I’m just about done. I can’t wait for the weekend!! Last nite I had to finish a computer program for Java by midnite of last nite. I had my email created and sent at 11:54, it was really a close call. Then after that I had a lab report on electrochemistry to do. But now its Thursday and I’ve got nuttin much 2 do, just a lil calc. I’m good!! Well I’m out still got more shit 2 get done, I’ll be back when I actually have time 2 say something, lata!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah so I’m I just ate half a turkey! But damn was it good! Well I came home Tuesday around 3 for the holiday weekend. It’s been a great weekend too(even though it just started!!) Haven’t done much lately, I was over Rachy’s for a lil while on Tuesday, helping her fix her computer and stuff. Then yesterday we all went to Don Pablo’s for Alexis’s birthday! Later we had to go to the hospital b/c one of Sarah’s friends got in a car accident. Soon after we found out that she was okay, which made us feel much better. After that we watch a lil Shrek and then time for bed. As for today, today was Thanksgiving. I was able to wake up and watch the Thanksgiving day parade, in which Sarah was playing in it for the SHS marching band. It was happy and proud of her, for her television debut! Well for the rest of the day we just ate and ate and ate. So much food! It was great. And now tomo I’m waking up at 4 in the morning to do the big day after Thanksgiving day sale shopping and also my christmas shopping!! So I best be getting to bed its already midnite and I hafta wake up in 3 1/2 hours so I’m out. Happy Thanksgiving!!

School Is Tough!!

Ya well Friday I have another Chemistry exam in which I need to pass in critically. I’ve been studying my ass off and I just hope that it all pays off. Also next monday I have a midterm for chem lab and tuesday I have another exam for precalculus. Its crazy. Kettering is one hard fucking school!! So ya I’ve been in the books a lot lately. I just took a break and did a workout for about an hour. I was bench pressin for the first time. I wasn’t really sure if I knew what I was doing. But man alive and I ever tired rite now. I just need to sit back chill and relax. Oh yesterday was such a long long day. I only had classes til 11 so I decided to go home and visit Sarah for the day. It was fun, I don’t really get to be with her that much over the week, but I’m glad that I was able to spend sometime with her. I unfortunately had to come back up to my dorm at 4 b/c she had a play practice, and well tonite was opening nite for the play. Good luck Sarah!! I know she’ll do good though. Nothing else is really new. Monday will be Sarah and I’s 5 month (DAMN THATS LONG!!) and still happier than ever. On Sunday we are planning on going to a play, Fiddler on the Roof. It should be fun. Well tomo is another crazy and hectic day at Kettering, thank god for the weekends!! Only 2 more days!! Til then don’t miss me 2 much! Lata!

Damn Columbia House

Ya well if ya didn’t know Shrek came out on DVD last friday and I had ordered it from Columbia House. But when I got home this weekend and opened the package there was The Mummy Returns. So now I have to send it back and wait even longer to get it!! Damn Columbia House! Other than that my week has been goin quite swell. Last nite Sarah, PJ, Ian, and Katie came up and visited my at my dorm. It was pretty cool. We didnt do much, just watched Joe Dirt and hung out. School has been a mega bitch to me. I spent so much time Thursday nite studying for a chemistry test, and I knew that shit well, but when it came to taking the test, it was nothing like the book. It made me so mad, and I really try hard too! Fuckin school!! Kettering is one hard school. Oh and I prolly didnt mention anything about this before but we had a Madden 2002 tourney for PS2 and the championship game was last Wednesday. I made football squares for the game. It was nuts! At the end Steve beat Erik 23-21 with a game winning 0 second field goal. Very exciting. Hopefully we can start up a Blitz tourney where I’d actually have a chance in. Anyways this weekend has been quite swell, not going to see Sarah, that much, but atleast I will get to see her. Actually got go, gonna go help her bake some cookies for NHS!! Later!

It’s Been Awhile

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote an entry, but I’m back and I’m gonna do my best to recap my last week and a half. Well Wednesday I surpised Sarah and came home for Halloween. I carved her a pumpkin, in which she had given me. It was a great evening. Oh yea and last weekend our football game was cancelled due to the flooding of the fields. This was a good thing b/c I didn’t go to the game, I wanted to stay home for the nite, had some math to do. This weekend I’m not going to the game either b/c it’s my grandma’s birthday and I have stay home to celebrate it. Oh and in our Unit up at Kettering we created a new website called Donkey Punch 34. If you knew what a donkey punch is then you’d get the joke. If you would like to visit the site click here. It’s cool. Eventually I would like to make the website a flash application, but I am still working on learning how to create things in flash, not a very easy thing to do! But I will figure it out. So yeah thats about my recap of the last week or so. Not much happened, but as always acceptable. Well I’m off to bed soon, but I’ll be back!! G’nite!