Archive: January 2002

The Zoo

This weekend was calm. Not much really happened, but still enjoyable. Thursday night Sarah and I went to the mall to get a tie that matched her dress. That was a total bitch. I found two awesome ties, but both would rape me in the pocket. So I ended up finding one that matches well for $20 bucks. Later that nite we just chilled. Great Nite! Friday Sarah and I went to Mongolian BBQ. That was a pretty cool place. You make your own dish and they stir fry it for you. Saturday morn, I worked at the Arbors from 8-12. We didn’t do much, just cleaned out like 6-10 garages. I wish I could still work there like I use to. Oh well, what you going to do. Saturday nite Sarah and I rented a Perfect Murder. It was a good movie. Her mom recommended it to us. Sunday afternoon we went to the Zoo, yeah the Zoo. It took awhile to realize that we were going to the zoo. It was fun though, a very nice day to go to the zoo. Sunday evening we chilled at Sarah’s, made some brownies and watched You’ve Got Mail. I really liked that movie. This weekend was cool. Oh yeah and the Rams are going to play the Patriots are in the Super Bowl. Should be an interesting game. I really don’t care who wins but if I had to choose I’d pick the underdogs, the Patriots. We’ll see how it goes. Other than that everything else is going well. Sweethearts is in a week. That should be interesting, with the plans on where were going and everything. Its completely impossible to make everyone happy with the arrangements. Well today’s been kinda shitty. I hate mondays. Hopefully everything gets better once I get home. Anyways I’m out.

Go Red Wings

Well this weekend was exactly how we planned but still manageable. On Friday Sarah came down with strep throat, so we werent able to do much. She slept all day on the couch while I reconfigured her computer. Saturday wasnt much either. It was our 7 month but she was still sick and we couldn’t go out to dinner. I worked in the morning. I’m working at the Arbors again during the weekends. Later Saturday, Sarah and watched 3 movies, Green Mile, Wedding Planner, and Dirty Dancing. Sunday she was feeling much better. She had gotten her car the day before, a ’91 Grand Am, and we went and got new keys made. She drove. It’s different not driving, but I liked it. Later that nite we went to the Red Wings game, which was a part of my Christmas gift. It was an excellent game. Wings won in overtime 3-2 against the Senators and Stevie Yzerman got his 1000th assist on the overtime game winning goal. He’s only the 9th player with that accomplishment. It was a great Christmas gift!! This weekend was definitely a good one, even though Sarah was half dead, but I was able to manage. I had a great time!! Sweethearts is coming up. I need to get some shit for it. Must bust, I work to only 5 now, so I’m about to get outta this place. Lata!

**Sweethearts Court**

Sarah made Sweethearts Court!! Yeah all I told her, I knew it!! Congratulations babe, love you lots and can’t wait til the dance!!

Autoshow 2002

This weekend was much enjoyable. On Saturday Sarah, Ian, Katie, and I went to the North American International Autoshow. It was pretty cool to see all the new cars of the future. Them cars are bad ass. Sarah took a picture of me with my car, the Ferrari. I don’t think it was as good as last years’ but it still was sweet. On our way out there was this crazy guy, M-I-K-E, who scared the shit out of us, he was following us in the tunnel for the Joe and was trying to give him money for some purpose. We gave a buck and some change for him to leave us alone. Crazy though. Sunday wasn’t much of a day, Sarah and I just hung out all day. This week has been really slow, works been slow. I’ve been getting what I need to get done, but slowly. I was told that now I’m not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week so now I’ll probably be leaving at an earlier time. This friday I’m working to 1. That should be a nice day. Last nite I went with Sarah to her aunt’s house for her cousin, Jillian’s, birthday. After I helped her with her homework. This week is her exam week, best of luck to her. Today I don’t really have any plans. This weekend is kinda packed, already. Saturday Sarah and I are going to Mongolian Barbecue for our 7th month, then on Sunday we have my cousin, Joann’s 21st birthday party and later that nite a Red Wing game. Also the fact that Friday is a shortened work day, I think this weekend will be tight! Better get goin, have some things to do. I just hanging around for the weekend!!

Back to work

So I’m back here at Roseville Chrysler doing the same old shit. I get really bored really quick here and its only 12. Six more hours at this place. DAMN!! Anyways the weekend was definitely different than others, but much was learned. Friday I had my court date. In which it got dismissed. I was so happy. I got up to the stand and the cop told the judge that he misplaced his papers on my case and he asked for a dismissal. It was just the way I wanted the weekend to start off. Saturday and Sunday though was definitely a change though. Sarah and I were in a bit of a confusion, but we were able to work everything out. I love her so much. Sunday we spent the day together while we babysat my lil siblin’s, my cousins, and her bro. Saturday I helped my uncle Paul move out of his house to storage and his grandma’s. Sarah and I went shopping later that day and I got some nice new clothes. Monday wasn’t anything unusual. Just a normal day, back to work though. Yesterday Sarah and I went tannin. Also from what it sounds like, Sarah’s going to make Sweetheart’s court. I’m happy for her. And guess who’s her date for the dance, me! It’s gonna be fun. Less than a month away. Well today I really don’t know what I’m doin. Same as always prolly, nothing wrong with that. I like my life, it’s not too shabby. I just hope everything else goes well and what is well stays well. Luv ya lots Sarah, and I’ll see ya when I get home. And I’m off back to work. Take it easy, whoever u are. Later.

Alright New Years

Well as I mentioned before I went up north to my grandpa’s for new years. It was fun to a point. Snowmobiling was great!! There had to be atleast 4-5 feet of snow up in Cedar, MI. That part I enjoyed much. It really was just a lazy week/weekend. Oh and for Christmas I got this cool cordless mouse and keyboard set!! It’s so awesome, I can sit on my bed and work on my computer with no cords, no hassle! I really missed Sarah on New Year’s Eve. While she was having the time of her life at Shannon’s I was play euchre non stop. I wanted to be with her so so bad. Everythings good now. I’m back to where I used to be. School’s over for the semester and I have the next 3 months with my baby. Yesterday I went back to Roseville Chrysler dealership to catchup to the point they are. They kept feeding me with so much stuff I was becoming lost. It should be fine though. Monday I start actually working and I’m going to attempt to pick up on things once I get there. I hope I start makin more money. I feel like I getting paid lousy. I’m one broke dude here!! I need the money!! Also last nite “The Fast and the Furious” came out on DVD so I picked it up and watched it. Today was a calm day, I woke up around 11 and cleaned up my room , picked Sarah up from school and we just hung out all day. We went to Applebees and the service was horrible. We left a frickin 5% tip and they didn’t even deserve that!! After we chilled at PJ’s. Tomorrow, actually today, I have my court appearance. I hoped that everything goes well and that I don’t get any points. I’m a bit scared. It should be alright though. Oh and I just found out that sweethearts dance is exactly a month away from today. Damn, I never knew it was so close. Also Sarah is campaigning for Sweethearts court. Best luck to her!! So if you know her vote for her and if you dont, vote for her anyways because she’s a sexy bitch!! Anyways I’m off to bed. I need my sleep. I spent like the last 4 hours playin online euchre at Fun shit!!! All my partners suck though!! Can’t play worth shit! Well I’m out.