Month: April 2002

Half-way through

Well this would mark the half way point of term 2 here at good ol’ Kettering. I had a few mid-term exams this week. It’s been quite crazy. Anyways over that last week I’ve had quite some fun. Last wednesday nite a bunch of us went bowling. They have this thing called quarter nite where […]

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It’s been awhile

Well I haven’t written in my journal in over 2 weeks, sorry man, been really busy. I’ve had this really crazy program that I had to write over the past days really hard. Anyways lemme see 2 weekends ago I celebrated my birthday with Sarah and then we went to Brian’s to chill in his […]

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19 years and happy!

Hey it’s my 19th birthday today!! Anyways nothing really happening. I had classes today. My family is in Florida and Sarah is Toronto so I’m just going to hang out at my school today. Oh yeah I’m back at school. I moved back up to school last weekend on Easter. Lets see last weekend I […]

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