Archive: June 2002

Back to work

Well here I am again back to my job at Roseville Chrysler. Starting off quite slow as of now, but hopefully things will pick up. Last wednesday was Sarah and I’s one year!! Hell ya, been awesome too!! Things just get better!! For the day we went out to eat for lunch then chilled at my house. Later we went put-put at Joe Dumars and play the arcade games for awhile. That nite we went out to eat at Macaroni Grill. After Rachel and Brian went roller blading with us around my neighborhood. It was a very enjoyable 1 year. Saturday I went to Rachel’s cousin’s graduation party. Yesterday I went to my cousin Matt’s graduation while Sarah went to her good friend’s. After we went to the DRQ Heat Rave. It was pretty bad ass! IIO, Fat Joe, Ashanti, DJ Encore, Michelle Branch, Ja Rule, and P. Diddy were there. PJ, Marvin, Brian, and I tried to see how much soda we could drink since it was free refills, that wasn’t the greatest of ideas. I had to go the bathroom so bad. After drink over a gallon of soda, who wouldn’t!! It was a good nite. Today has been just yur average monday. Working, nothing outta the ordinary, hopefully the day spices up later when I go home. Anyways I’m out, gotta work, or something like that?!! Peace

2002 Stanley Cup Champions!!

Hell Yeah the Red Wings are the 2002 Stanley Cup Champions as of the 13th of June! Go Wings. They finished the Canes of last Thursday nite at a final score of 3-1. Yesterday was the celebration parade. Rachel, Brian, PJ, Karrie, Dave, Aboona, Sarah, and I went down to see it. So excitin’!! Anyways schools out. My exams weren’t too bad. I think I did quite decent. Oh Friday coming home from school was crazy. I was almost home when I got hit on the back end of my car on I-75 and was swung outta control, getting hit a second time. It was raining and crazy. I’ve never been so scared B4. It was nuts. Then after the cop got there and situated things he told me that if anything it woulda been my fault for the accident when I was the one hit from the back. Bull shit!! Whatever no one got hurt and no one got a ticket. Hmm, a fucked up situation. Then on my way home from the accident I pulled into my driveway and when I was getting out of my car I got hit again on the other side of my car by my brothers friends mother. Ugh!! I’ll never sell that piece of shit! Ahh it frustrates the hell outta me!! Well Saturday I had to drive back upto school to take my last exam, which wasnt hard at all. Then later that day Sarah and I went to 3 graduations, including my cousin’s Olivia. It was nuts, so much stuff. Sunday was a relaxing day, well actually not really, I was trying to get this thing engraved for Sarah for our 1 year tomorrow, but I can’t find a damn place. Things Remembered in the mall doesnt do the type of material its made of. I tried calling 12 different places in the yellow pages and none of them do custom engraving! WTF??!! So then I tried asking a jeweler to see if they could do a special favor, but again material became a factor. I dunno what to do!! I tried all I can and no luck. I have less than 24 hours!! Help!! Well I gotta some shit to do around my house, my rooms a mess, havent cleaned it up since I got home from school. Today, umm, no plans yet. Well gotta lotta shit 2 get done. Talks tos yas laters! (I know its been some big time gaps in between these journal entries, but its hard, I’ve been busy lately, but I’ll try to do my best to keep ya updated on whats goin on with me!) Peace!

One More Week

Its coming down to the end one final week of class, actually not even a full week!! Hell yeah!! Lets see this past week went by nicely had a couple of exams and quizzes, but overall I feel like I’m doing quite well. The Red Wings have been quite an interesting match in the Stanley Cup finals. So far the series is tied 1-1 again the Canes. Tonight is game 3 of the series. Go Wings!! Hmm my lifes been on the boring side. Nuthing really new. Schools winding down and I can’t wait til the summer!! Anyways I think I’m gonna get some sleep. Got my cuzin Olivias graduation tomorrow. Ayite peace! Oh BTW the new Nelly CD, Nellyville is badass!! A must download, errr, purchase!! Lata!!