Archive: July 2002

Vacation Time?

Naw not for me. Well Rachel, Karrie, and others went to Paris for the past 10 days and today Sarah left for a week in Florida. And where am I going? Well lemme see Michigan. Yeah so I’m already missing Sarah and its only the first day. It’ll ayite though. Over the past week or so nothing great has happened. I’ve been quite bored at work. I’ve been doing alot of reading about javascript. I’m liking it alot. Check out this website by clicking here. Anyways this week probably will be slow. Umm nothing else really to say. Slow shit slow slow. Anyways I’m out gotta finish my slow day of work. Luv ya Sarah!!

4th of July and my new car

Well the 4th wasn’t like I had planned. Sarah was to be going up with me for the weekend but after many little dilemmas and miscommunications, it became a total disaster. So I went by myself while Sarah stayed home. Little sad, but had to live. On the 4th I spent the day at the Port Austin parade with my cousins. Later that nite were suppose to be the fireworks but do to high winds they were cancelled. Friday (day after the 4th or 1 week from 2day) The fireworks did go off. Weren’t as anticipated, but still were fun to watch. Saturday I came home and spent most of my time with Sarah, after all the problems with that weekend. Everythings much better now. Monday nite Brian, Rachel, Sarah, and I went to the movies to see Scooby Doo. It was a badass movie! Liked alot. Tuesday was a whole lotta nuttin. Wednesday was Karrie’s 17th birthday so everyone went over her house for a lil party. Played a game called True Colors, a bit confusing at first but an ok game. Yesterday Sarah had a fire in her backyard where pretty much everyone who was over Karries the previous day came over. It was cool, fire burned nice, food came out good. All in all a good nite. Today no plans have been made yet, but working on it. As of Monday Rachel, Karrie, Deanna, Devon and others will be off to France for 10 days. On the 23rd of this month Sarah will be out to Florida. Where the hell am I goin? Oh yeah Sterling Heights, Michigan!! Anyways I got my new car, done a few mods to it. Its awesome. So far I put in the hyper white headlights, changed the interior dome light blue, chagned the license plate light blue, changed the antenna style, and tinted my windows. It’s looking awesome. Only think left to complete it would be nice wheels. It would then compliment itself perfectly. As soon as I get some pictures up I’ll let you know so you can see my ride. Oh I created an online radio station so if you wanna check it out or listen to it click here!!. Well I’m gonna get goin on work today, gotta lil bit of shtuff to do so I’ll keep ya posted with anything new, ayite?! Later

New Car!!

Hell yeah!! I finally got a new car. 02 Grand AM. It’s awesome, so much better than my ol T-Bird. It rides nice, feels nice, and looks nice. I’m loving it. Anyways last friday Rachel, Brian, Sarah, and I seen Mr. Deeds. Saturday we spent the day at Sarah’s grandma’s pool. Very nice, its been beautiful outside lately. This week of work has been quite slow tho, had to work late monday. Tuesday and wednesday i’m working early, but alls good. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and i’m going up to port austin for the weekend.