Month: July 2002

Vacation Time?

Naw not for me. Well Rachel, Karrie, and others went to Paris for the past 10 days and today Sarah left for a week in Florida. And where am I going? Well lemme see Michigan. Yeah so I’m already missing Sarah and its only the first day. It’ll ayite though. Over the past week or […]

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4th of July and my new car

Well the 4th wasn’t like I had planned. Sarah was to be going up with me for the weekend but after many little dilemmas and miscommunications, it became a total disaster. So I went by myself while Sarah stayed home. Little sad, but had to live. On the 4th I spent the day at the […]

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New Car!!

Hell yeah!! I finally got a new car. 02 Grand AM. It’s awesome, so much better than my ol T-Bird. It rides nice, feels nice, and looks nice. I’m loving it. Anyways last friday Rachel, Brian, Sarah, and I seen Mr. Deeds. Saturday we spent the day at Sarah’s grandma’s pool. Very nice, its been […]

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