Month: January 2003

NAIAS 2003, Superbowl…..

Well haven’t written in awhile, as usual. Last weekend I went to the North American International Auto Show at Cobo. If you would like to see pictures goto It was really cool, lots of cars I want. Later that night I went with my cousin Nick and his g/f Jenny to Canada. They somehow […]

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Workin and workin

Nothin new has came about, just workin. Last nite i worked on my buddy from work’s computer for awhile and didn’t get very far. Last weekend just kinda hung around. Haven’t seen much of Sarah lately. She’s been quite busy. Things are better between us. I won’t see her much this week either, with her […]

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Christmas and New Years 03

Well lemme see where I left of last. I had just finished school and moved back home for the next 3 months. Christmas was decent. No real complaints. We had Christmas Eve at my house with my dad’s side of the family and on Christmas day I went to my cousin Matt’s. Got some nice […]

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