Month: April 2003

BSFB, School, Op:Bulldog

Last friday was nuts. BSFB(Baby Scally’s First Bonanza) was a smash. PJ threw his first partay at his house and outta control. I’m not going to try to explain the night b/c first I dunno if remember all of it and second I have pictures. If you weren’t there then pictures will not do enough […]

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Michigan State Weekend and F–k the Wings

Umm again things are changing, I dunno whats really gonna happen, but dude I think it’s going to be better. Last week I had visited as I mentioned before and then for the weekend I went back. We had such a blast. When I first got there Erin and I went out to dinner and […]

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Happy 20th and back to school

Wow, things have been different lately. First off I’m back here at school, unfortuneately. But recapping where I left off. Thursday I did it, I started my first company, MAG Media Designs, where I’ll offer services such as web design, custom graphics, logos, advertisement, flyers, DVD’s audio, newsletters, invitations. Anything media enhanced I’ll find a […]

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