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BSFB, School, Op:Bulldog

Last friday was nuts. BSFB(Baby Scally’s First Bonanza) was a smash. PJ threw his first partay at his house and outta control. I’m not going to try to explain the night b/c first I dunno if remember all of it and second I have pictures. If you weren’t there then pictures will not do enough justice Click here to see BSFB For Saturday and Easter Sunday I went upta Port Austin. The town is lookin different. I can’t wait for the summer it’s gonna be a blast. Over the last few days nothin outta the ordinary went on, just the usual school. I’ve been workin on a new version of my website. Click my website above and to the left to check it out. And last nite was Pike nite at the bulldog again. If you’re on familiar with this event read my journal entry on April 30th 2002. I’m not going to explain the whole thing again so you may wanna read that first before continuing on. Ok like I said the Pikes were out guardin the bulldog and we had a helluva plan to fuck with them. First off myself and Robby were the bomb squad and tossed a few lil bombs to make some loud ass noise. And after that the Pikes were hit up by a paintball gun drive-by. A few seconds later hammered with eggs. We had a couple buckets of paint they we were gonna throw on the bulldog, but we couldnt get close enough. Anyways we went in for an all out second attack. With what we have left of our 90 eggs the group of us just filled our hands and all ran right at ’em and threw the eggs, turned around, and booked. Some of the pikes followed us back to our apartment and were giving us a hard time about the whole thing. A fight almost broke out, but all was settled, or atleast we think. Tonight is there pledge party in which all of us will be attending. And my boy Robby is DJin their shit. It’s crazy. Anyways thats where I’ve been and whats been goin on. I’ll let ya know what happens tonite later.~~

Michigan State Weekend and F–k the Wings

Umm again things are changing, I dunno whats really gonna happen, but dude I think it’s going to be better. Last week I had visited as I mentioned before and then for the weekend I went back. We had such a blast. When I first got there Erin and I went out to dinner and then later that night went out with her friends to a few parties. Actually one of the parties we went to, there was a bunch of MSU b-ball players there. Cool, cool. That got busted up by the Po so we then went to another party at an apartment. It was a fun nite! Saturday we chilled around and went to a park, had like a lil picnic. It was a nice day. Saturday night PJ, Marv, and Neil came up to Dave’s dorm and we started the nite of there. Dre Bly’s for everyone! Then Nikki, Erin, and I went off to another party at an apartment. Again more fun crazy shit. All in all it was an awesome weekend. Goto this link here to see pictures of the weekend. I don’t have many, but as I get them they will be posted up. Starting of the week schools, been in pace. Last nite I went with my good ‘ol buddy Rob, whom now goes to KU and graduated from Stevenson, to an SAE party. It was ayite, we left by 12 tho. Oh and also our apartment signed up onto a volleyball team. Monday was our first game and unfortuneately wasn’t won, but today we did win. It felt good. Go APT 230! After this previous weekend I’ve been really wanting a digital camera, well actually I’ve been wanting one for like eva, so I went out and picked my self one up. Its so sweet, no bigger than a credit card, and takes awesome pics too! For this weekend it looks like Friday is BSFB(Baby Scally’s First Bonanza, or whatever other acronym u can come up with) and then for the rest of the weekend up at Port Austin for Easter. Yeah its been crazy lately, oh speakin of crazy this summer when I’m outta school, Erin and I are goin sky diving! It’s gonna be so awesome, I can’t wait! Prolly some time in July. So yeah, thats where I am in my life right now. It’s been hectic, but better. By the way the fuckin Red Wings were swept tonite by the Anahiem Mighty Ducks. Looks like no more stanley Ahh fuck it, I’m doin good!! PEACE!

Happy 20th and back to school

Wow, things have been different lately. First off I’m back here at school, unfortuneately. But recapping where I left off. Thursday I did it, I started my first company, MAG Media Designs, where I’ll offer services such as web design, custom graphics, logos, advertisement, flyers, DVD’s audio, newsletters, invitations. Anything media enhanced I’ll find a way to make it work! I’m so excited about it! Last Friday was my birthday and PJ had taken me out to the mall for the day. When we came back to my house, SURPRISE!! Rachel and Karrie and planned a surprise birthday party for me. It was sweet, I had an awesome time. Like everybody and anyone came. Nick, Jenny, Matt, Roy, and Olivia stayed the night. Saturday I then moved upto to school. We partied a lil that night, played some drinkin games and basically just got back into the school thing. Sunday we did our shopping and chilled. Monday were classes and oh did they every mess around with my schedule. Kettering ended up dropping one of my classes due to low enrollment and i was screwed over. So I spent most of Monday morn rearranging my classes and $hit. In the end I had Plays of Shakespeare!! What the F? Anyways so far classes have been good I only have one 8 o’clock so for the most part I can sleep! Yesterday I went to Michigan State for the night and visited Erin. It was really cool, just chilled, didn’t do all too much, but still had a good time. This weekend I’m scheduled to hit State again, but I dunno exactly whats goin on. Oh over the past week I’ve been workin on this computer animated music video tryin to explain my emotions and how I’ve felt about my relationship with Sarah. It’s pretty intense and a lot is said in it. If you’re interesting in seeing it click here to download it. Let me know what you think. Anyways thats whats been going on. Its been really busy, but I think things are looking bright. I’m really gonna work my a$$ of this term for school. And the summer, I’m gonna have a helluva one!! Til I’m back with more action, peace!