Archive: June 2003

Working and the summer ahead

Well since last time I wrote I was studing for my final exams and getting ready to move out. Well now I’m moved out of my apartment and home again. So far so good. Back working at Mike Riehl’s and so far things are going well. Last week I went to the Marshall Field’s fireworks. We went over to the Canada side and watched them from the water. After we went to Casino Windsor, then back home. All pictures of the night are at right here!! As for the rest of the week pretty busy with work and organizing other things. Friday I went and played softball with PJ and Marv for their Rochester league. Hit a home run!! Good shit. Anyways later that nite I went to the Mt. Clemens fireworks. It was a really busy day. Saturday I drove out to Pinckney to visit my roommate Jason and goto my friend Kristen’s cousin’s graduation. It was a helluva drive there! 2 hours. We then came back and drove around to other graduation parties, Michelle Pantano’s and Angela Lill’s. We were going to watch the fireworks at Stoney Creek but it started raining and we went home. By the time we got home it was clear and they had em anyways. But I just had people come to my house. Fun. As for Sunday prolly one of the most laziest days ever. Rachel and I went and seen Finding Nemo. Great movie!! Then later went with Kristen to see the Madison Height’s fireworks. Later that night we went back to my house and had a lil BBQ. Now I’m here sitting at work, writing software for numerous things and getting ready for school. I start my first day of class today for Calc II at OCC Royal Oak, from 6-10, yuck!! Oh man this weekend though is going to be so kick ass! Fourth of July up at Port Austin is going to be a helluva weekend. I have a longer vacation so I’m fo sho gonna enojoy it. As for now I’m out again and back to my never ending busy world!!

Rachel’s Graduation and Final’s

Well over the past week or so I’ve been studyin for finals. Last Saturday was Rachel’s graduation which was fun. My roommates Shawn, Anoop, and Jason came by. The rest of the weekend wasn’t really anything to brag about. Oh last weekend I bought my website for my company. Plans for this summer include working on that and getting ready for more website work. I have so many ideas and plans for the summer, it’s going to be great. My plans and arrangements for skydiving are becoming more serious and I have information on that. Click here for more details. As for this week I finished all my microcomputers labs, wrote my final exams essays for Shakespeare, and studyed for my Calculus finals. Just recently I finished my Microcomputers exam and I have a good feeling about it. I think I really knew my shit. And now all i have left is Calculus at 7:30 am on Saturday morning. I start work then that Monday. I need the money!! Ayite for the most part that the jiffy bout what’s new and what’s been going on. I’ll probably be writing next in the comfort of my home and back for the summer. Time to get crunk!

Party’s at KU, Justin’s Birthday

Ok, last weekend I had people come back up to the APT for more fun. Matt and Roy came up friday nite and we went to a Delt party. On Saturday i was just a lay around day for most of the time. Then later PJ, Karrie, Rachel, Marvin, his girl, and Neil came up. Later that nite we hit up the Pikes for their bash. Wasn’t as fun as expected but in all… good nite. Last week and so forth has been crazy as hell with scheduling for classes, term winding down, and the summer time to come. Very very busy!! As for the most recent weekend Friday nite I just chilled at my house for most of the nite with Rachel and Kristen, then later went to Blakes house for a lil bon fire action, wasn’t much of a bon fire, just a lil fire. Anyways Saturday I played volleyball with Shawn, Jenny and their friends at Dodge Park. Later went to Ram’s Horn for Rachel’s graduation and later, later to PJ’s. We started at his house then at 11ish went to Nick’s(MJC worker) til bout 2:30. Then hit up PJ’s friends house til bout 4. I took PJ home b/c he was a lil tipsy. And then I went to Nikki’s, bakes some cookies then round 5:30am I decided to go home. I was going to meet Rachel for breakfast but I couldn’t get ahold of her. It was her senior all nite party. Sunday was my bro’s birthday it a good day. Lots of familia. Later that nite I had to return to the inevitable Kettering. Only 2 more weeks left!! Last week of full classes and done with my 2nd year of college, damn I’m old! As for this summer? It’s on!! Actually starting it off I’m planning at skydiving trip so if you’re interest call me or IM me up and maybe you could go too!! Ayite well I gotta get back to school, so much on my mind and so little time!! Ahh!!