Month: June 2003

Working and the summer ahead

Well since last time I wrote I was studing for my final exams and getting ready to move out. Well now I’m moved out of my apartment and home again. So far so good. Back working at Mike Riehl’s and so far things are going well. Last week I went to the Marshall Field’s fireworks. […]

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Rachel’s Graduation and Final’s

Well over the past week or so I’ve been studyin for finals. Last Saturday was Rachel’s graduation which was fun. My roommates Shawn, Anoop, and Jason came by. The rest of the weekend wasn’t really anything to brag about. Oh last weekend I bought my website for my company. Plans for this summer include […]

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Party’s at KU, Justin’s Birthday

Ok, last weekend I had people come back up to the APT for more fun. Matt and Roy came up friday nite and we went to a Delt party. On Saturday i was just a lay around day for most of the time. Then later PJ, Karrie, Rachel, Marvin, his girl, and Neil came up. […]

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