Month: July 2003

Just Keeping Up With Everyday

I dunno sometimes I sit and wonder about things why what happens, happens and what exactly am I doing. It’s like this….I not saying that I’m not in a happy state because I am yet I feel like there’s always something weighted on my back. There is so much to worry about and so many […]

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Kerazie Week and Lil bit about life

Last time I wrote I had just gotten over a crazy weekend and about to take an exam. Well fuck, I didnt do so well on my exam, damn 60. Calc 2 can take its lil integrals and kiss my white ass. The day I will not have calculus on my mind will be the […]

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4th of July, Eminem Concert

Wow oh wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written. Well lemme date back a few weeks. Um that week I started working again at the Chrysler dealership. Been really busy, rewrote a few applications I had did a few years ago. Much more beneficial now. Then was the 4th of July weekend up at Port […]

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