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Wedding and upcoming Halloween Bash

As I had mentioned before Natalie and I had that wedding this past weekend. For friday nite I was going to stay up here, but since no one was really gonna be up here I went home. Didn’t do much Friday til later. I went with my cousin’s Nick and Matt to see Kristie’s last football game for Mt. Clemens. They did a helluva whomping on them. As for later, later that nite I went over Natalie’s and chilled and “watched” a movie, hehe.

As for the big day Saturday, it was a great day. Natalie and I went to the church in Grosse Pointe and it was beautiful. Then later to the reception at Penna’s. I had a really good time, I really liked Natalie’s family, big and Italian, c;mon what’s not to like! Heh, just like me, too cool. Anyways we had a great time together and even though I don’t dance, she got me to dance a lil, heh, thanks babe. Click here to see pictures of the wedding

Sunday was a nice day too. Basically slept most of the day since I was out really late Saturday nite. But later that evening Natalie and I went to the Yates cider mill. Then we checked out my new house to make sure they did all the wiring I wanted them to do. All good! After we went to my Uncle Tony’s and Aunt Sandy’s house for my cousin Christine’s birthday. Now I’m back up here at the KU. The weekend was awesome, again, thanks Natalie for making it so special.

This weekend for Halloween is going to be awesome. We’re having a big Halloween bash in our apartment. We’re going all out too, lasers, strobes, black lights, disco ball, witch’s brew, and the not to forget, our buddy Robby, is going to DJ it for us. This place is gonna be fuckin kickin’! I can’t wait for this weekend. Grr but I gotta get through the rest of this week. School is nuts, a constant stress over and over again. Ahhh!!! Anways if anyone’s interested in coming to our kick ass bash give me a call or leave me a comment and I’ll getcha directions. Otherwise if I don’t write before Halloween, Happy Halloween to y’all and I’ll be back soon enough, don’t miss me to much, heh! Gone………………..

P.S. Natalie, your awesome, everything’s so wonderful and it’s only getting better! (you still got me smiling!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Unbelievable Sweetest Day

Before I tell ya about the greatest sweetest day ever, first off as I had mentioned before I’m playin football here at Kettering. Well last Thursday was our first game and we won 26-0, we kicked ass, then today we played our 2nd game and won 42-0, heh, hopefully we’ll win it all! We’re damn good this year!!

Well this past weekend was amazing. Friday I came home from school and later that night I met up with Natalie and we went to my house for the night (no parents ;), hehe) and well I don’t know how to explain the night, let me just put it this way I lived a fantasy, and was it ever everything I expected and so much more, Natalie yur amazing! As for Saturday I just chilled round the house for most of the day, took care of whatever errands and shit I had to do, then later Saturday nite Rachel had people over her house so I went over there and chilled with a bunch of people. Later that nite Natalie went back to my house for a few hours to spend some “alone” time together for Sweetest Day, heh again amazing! Hehe, she makes me feel so awesome, I just hope that she’s feeling the same. I’m quite interested in her and I really like her a lot.

Today she came up to Kettering to chill with me and meet my roommates. I’m really quite happy right now, even though I’ve been quite stressed with school and all the work I’ve had with it, she’s still keeping a smile on my face, thanks babe! Grr Baby Grr! As for this weekend I believe Friday night is a few parties up here at KU so as of now I’m planning on staying up here for the night. Saturday I’m going to a wedding with Natalie for her cousin. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, I love weddings, always a good time! Then on Sunday I think Natalie and I are gonna go to the Cider Mill and possibly ice skating. We’ll see.

Ahh I got so much homework I gotta get done tonight and I just feel like saying ‘Fuck it’ and just lay around. Oh not to forget October 31st, Halloween night, we’re having a huge bash with costumes and all, everyone is welcome, just please call me if you need directions or are interested in coming! Ayite back to the school thing cuz that’s what I do! (still smiling, thanks to nat’s) 🙂

My eyes

Heh I was just playing around the other nite with my boy Robby and taking digital pictures. I thought this one came out pretty cool, I dropped the red and green layer to it then changed the hue saturation, it’s really a dark blue, but it looks black and white. I like how it came out. Double click on the image to see it in full size.

Grr Baby Grr….oo la la Natalie!

DAMN it’s been a bit since I last wrote and I have much for you. As of last week, I finished my first week of class, damn 20 credits is gonna be rough and with the biz and playing football and all that good shit, am I ever busy! So the first week went swell as I make my way into my junior year of college. I’m getting old! Oh and this past weekend was definitely a one-of-a-kind. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a re-encounter with the lovely Natalie whom I mentioned to you about back on the 4th of July (Click here to read that article) So we’ve spent numerous nights, endless hours on the phone and this past friday we went to good ol Stevenson’s football game, then to Applebee’s, then back to my house to watch a movie. Heh. It was a great night! Then for Saturday I went to our new house that my family’s building to get it setup for computer networking. It’s gonna be so pimp, I can’t wait til it’s done next spring!! Later that afternoon I met up with Nick and Matt at the doggy park and played with all the dogs, crazy. Then back to Nick’s house to watch some football and baseball. Later later that nite, I met up with Natalie and we went with her family to this crazy haunted places. It was really cool I had a good time. After Natalie and I went back to her place and watched another movie, kinda, hehe. Another good nite or should I say good morning, haha. As for Sunday I slept half the day and later help Natalie out with her new computer they just got. I had to retire the nite early tho cuz I had to make my way back to school, KU baby! So yeah our apartment along with some other friends got together and formed a football team. Over the past few days I’ve been creating jerseys. Here’s the logo I ended up creating Hopefully this season looks bright! Damn have I been so fucking busy with school and all, it’s nuts! And as of last nite, actually technically today Natalie and I are together 🙂 🙂 Click here and here and here my baby, heh. Crazy huh?! She’s so sweet, caring, and may I say mighty damn cute! As for this weekend plans are kinda up in the air, possibly party at my house, a small one tho, who knows! Anyway’s hope everyone’s doing well and I’ll talk to y’all later. Arrivaderci!!
L’amore detta, il bacio scrive i segreti del cuore

Back into the school mode

Last place I left off I was finished up with work and preparing for school. As for the rest of last week I didn’t do much. Well Friday nite was quite awesome. I went with Rachel, Matt, PJ and Karrie to see Stephen Lynch in concert, oh man it was great, so hilarious. If you ever get a chance to see him, don’t pass it up! Saturday morning was moving day. I woke up round 9am, showered, packed, then drove upto school. Spent most of the day Saturday setting up and stuff in our apartment. Later that nite cuzin Matt and Nick with Jenny. Also my buddy Rob who also now lives in the dorms had a few people up, like Laura B and Alicia B. I definitely had a good nite, we all did, heh. All of us roommates had an lil interesting story bout the nite, but it was cool. As for Sunday it wasn’t much of anything. Just chilled around here trying to get ready for school. My family came and visited for the 1st time to see my apartment, heh only after 2 years now, ahh well. Yesterday was my 1st day of classes, went decent, class is class I guess, damn it, I hate class. It’s gonna be a long semester, short in time (10 weeks), but hard (20 credits). I’ll pull through hopefully. As for later last nite I practiced football and worked out for a couple hours, woo, man when i woke up this morn was I sore! I need that massage Natalie, hehe. Today was another day of class, short tho, done at noon. Now for the remainder of the nite I’m gonna try to get all my homework done and organize my shizzit for class. Anyways theres where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. As for this weekend I’m gonna be coming home, going to my good ‘ol high school, Stevenson to watch their homecoming football game. Possibly going to Central on Saturday, we’ll see. Ayite then I’m gonna get back into this school mode thing, ughh, class blows! But it’s eventually worth it right?! Arrivaderci!