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Merry Christmas and done with school

Yes, it’s been quite some time since last update. Let me see if I can sum it all up. Last weekend was finals, and oo was that a doozy. Not to bad but Physics ate up my ass. Later Friday evening we moved out of our apartment and came back home. Friday nite Natalie and I went to Fabolous Fridays at Cranbrook. It was really cool. You get to sit in the planetarium and they re-enact the sunset and then all the stars come out. It’s definitely awesome. After that they did a laser light show to Pink Floyd music. That was really trippy. Kick ass tho.

Saturday was a good day. I surprised her with an early Christmas present to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. It was funny as hell, I gave her the gift, she opens it and is like “what the….?! This is tonite!” Hehe, it was a bad ass concert. They redid this one song written by a monk back in the early 1930’s called Carmina Burana and it was kick ass. Can’t wait til it comes out on CD. Sunday we didn’t do much. I started to get sick, and it only got worse throughout the rest of the week. Christmas, still sick, I went to my aunt’s house for a wonderful family cooked meal, then later to Natalie’s house to spend some holiday time with her family. It was nice. Christmas day I was at my cousin Matt’s all day until later at nite when I met up with Natalie at her cousin’s house. Guess I graduated with the kid, but had no clue, ahh well. I got some sweet stuff for Christmas; many Hollister clothing, Clinque Happy cologne, Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder (my ultimate favorite car) in 1:18 scale, million candle power flash light, gift cards, Red Wing fleece blanket, DVDs, and a leather jacket. As always Christmas went well. Natalie got me 2 shirts from Hollister. I love em both, they look really good on me. Gotta love the holidays!!

As for the past weekend I spent it up north at my grandpa’s place in Cedar, Michigan (just north of Traverse City). We planned on doing lots of snowmobiling but lack of snow stop us. We did get some sledding in on the 1st day, but nothing there after. Saturday we spent the evening at the Grand Traverse Mall. Crazy or not, Natalie had came with us and well she got to meet her cousin which is some relation to me. It was her grandma’s 1st cousin. Damn is this world ever small!! It was a good weekend though, had a really good time

Now only if I could get rid of this sickness!! It’s killing me, I wish it’d just go away. Anyways for this week, no real plans yet for New Years. Just gonna take it as it goes I guess. Then next week work starts up. It’s been a really crazy week with Christmas and all, but does it ever feel good to be done with school!! Hell yes! Work isn’t so bad at all. Oh and hopefully I’ll have a few website jobs I can take care of. I started a new one,, it’s still in the works but hopefully I’ll had it all done by this week.

As for that thats whatcha been missing. Everythings been great otherwise, Natalie and are doing great. I’ve really fallen for her and couldn’t be happier! Well, I’ll be back later when new things happen, but as for now, I’m outtie, peace!

Last week of class

As class winds down it’s getting closer to Christmas. Oh man can I not wait to get home. I’m so sick of school. It’s been a bitch. As for last week nothing much happened. Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I was really busy getting shit done for school. From project after project and exams, I was so fuckin busy I barely got any sleep. So for Friday nite Natalie and I took it easy she brought me pizza, with anchovies and we watched movies. How could you not love this girl, she’s so awesome! I couldn’t be happier!! We ended up falling asleep and she kinda didn’t get home to near 4, oops!

As for Saturday I slept most of the day then went out with Rachel and Dejaun to Somerset Mall, the first for me. It was a nice mall, but damn! some of the shit is way to expensive for me!! $600 Burberry sweater, I think not! As for later that nite I really didn’t have anything planned. Dejuan was gonna throw this party at some house and well needed help getting a keg, so he asked me to help. I was able to hook him up with a reliable source and well later that nite I ended up at the party. I put up the pictures on my website, but you can click here to see them directly The party was at some kids grandma’s house. Who the hell throws a party at your grandma’s house?!

Anyways as for Sunday, not much to do, helped around the house as we continue to get the house ready for sale. I took my sis to see Elf. I like it, a good movie. Later that night I surprised Natalie at work with two roses and a slurpee, for our 2 month. Heh she’s so funny, only took her like 15 mins to realize that they were sitting on the desk directly in front of her! I visited at home a lil before I had to come back up to school.

Now as of this week I had 2 days of class on Monday and Tuesday and now I’m done with classes, bout damn time! Last nite was nuts. Rachel and Devon joined the rest of us up here at Kettering as we had few drinks before studying for finals. Click here to see the pictures or just goto my website to see them. Today’s been a lazy day, didn’t do much of shit. Just got finished watching the OC, good episode. Natalie was suppose to come and visit me tonite, but well things can’t always happened as planned. I felt bad for the fact that she couldn’t come. I was talking to her and I want to do something that would cheer her up so, (she said she was hungry for Chinese food and didn’t have any money) because I love her so I called up Ping On and ordered her dinner. She may have not got to spend the night with me, but hopefully she had a good dinner, hehe. We’ll make it up this weekend, it’s going to be a fun one. It’ll be good to know that classes are completely over with for this semester.

As for tomorrow I have my dreaded physics exam. Fuck I need like an 80 to pass the class!! Friday I have my final exam, Calc 3. I’m hoping to do well, so far so good in the class, surprisingly, like a 95, hmm. Crazy shit. I just can’t wait for the holidays, it’s going to be a blast, I can’t wait for Christmas and spending a weekend with Natalie up north snowmobiling and stuff. Heh, besides exams, I don’t think I could much happier in my life than where I am right now. Doing decent in school, got a wonderful girlfriend that I wouldn’t give anything for, got a ok job, happy with the progress of my business (slowly, but surely), and going to be spending the holidays with the best family in the world. Other than all that, that’s my life as up to this journal entry, not too much, but happy. Hope all of you have a wonderful holidays and you get to spend it with the ones you love the most, I know I will be.

Natalie, this holiday is going to be wonderful and unforgettable, know that you’re going to be here with me. Love you much and I can’t wait!


Montalbano Christmas party and school winding down

My last update was the intro to my new website. From the comments and the views people have left me, everyone really likes it, I’m quite glad, because I spent lots of time and I wanted to make it look good. I haven’t made too many changes to it lately tho. I’m working on a guestbook for it so that people can leave comments or suggestions on the site itself. I’m still learning the script on that. Also downloads will soon be available.

Other than the site I’ve been quite busy working on projects with school. It’s been quite hectic. I’ve been working on project and project, paper after paper, studing for many exams and ahh this current week is going to be the worst! Next week won’t be that bad considering I only have 2 exams! Oh I dunno if I mentioned it but I had written a mini-thesis for my class and well I spent many hours on it, ended up being 27 pages long. Well my dumbass prof is making me redo it b/c of missing criteria. Fuck that I had talked to her about this paper before I wrote it and I got the OK, then she pulls this shit out of her ass! Damn it! Anyways I’ll be spending the next 2 days working my ass off like KERAZIE on it! School is school eh?! Fuck man, less than 2 weeks left, grr I cant wait!

Over the past weekend didn’t do much. Friday evening I had a meeting and I’m starting to establish my own life insurance, God for bid. Later, later that night I ended up at Natalie’s, stayed the night there, then in the morn I drove her around cuz her car was in the shop. After I spent the rest of the evening with my cousins, Nick and Matt, shopping and shit. Doing whatever comes up. As for Sunday it was the annual Montalbano Christmas party, Natalie came along with me 🙂 As always its much fun. The family loves Natalie, she fits in so well, I’m really happy!! I’ll update soon enough with pictures (I left them at home). It was definitely a good weekend. Now back at school its been nuts, as the semester winds down. Last nite was “mystery mondays”. Last monday we started a new tradition at our apartment. Every monday is mystery mondays where our roommate Shawn buys a random fifth of alcohol then mixes drinks for us and ya gotta guess what he got. It was an interesting night, even though I spent half of it in my room writing 2 papers.

Oh my new house is coming along quite well. I haven’t updated with any pictures of it so click here to see a few pictures of our new house. I can’t wait til its done, it’s gonna be sweet! Anyways I got shit loads of homework I gotta do this week as the term winds down. Oh, I got a few new web projects that just recently came up. Woo hoo I need the money. One of them is urgent so it’ll be done before Christmas. I’ll put the link up when I get the site.

Well not too much has been new. All is well, a lil stressed with school, but its getting near the end and Christmas is much closer than you think! Can’t wait for the holidays, it’s gonna be the best. Back to the homework, what I wish I didn’t have to do 🙁 Later……

New Website!

Over the past week I’ve been working on a website about myself. It includes many things including the infamous picture galleries. I haven’t really told anyone about the site, yet I thought it’d be a sweet surprise for all of you to see. Anyways the site is about 95% done, just a few small adds I want to do, and I can’t wait any longer to make it public, so here is the public debut of my site:

Please leave me comments and suggestions about the site, I want to know what everyone’s feelings and reactions are to it. Hope y’all enjoy it! Ciao!