Month: January 2004

Same Ol

Well not too much has happened lately. A few weeks ago, last time I wrote, that weekend after I went back to MJC and worked on Saturday. Felt kinda good to work there again, been a while, but good. Both Friday and Saturday night I stayed the night at Natalie’s house. It was amazing. We […]

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Bowling, Clutch, Autoshow, crazy blizzard

The past week has definitely busy. Last friday night a bunch of us went up to Troy Lanes to go bowling. As usual I did bowl a frame in my boxers. How could I not go somewhere without losing a little clothing? Eh? Anyways bowling went well, pulled off a 158, 126, and pathetic 95. […]

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New Years and back to school

Damn I haven’t written since last year so this shall be my first post of the new year, 9 days later. As I had mentioned before the weekend after Christmas, my family and Natalie went up north snowmobiling at my grandpa’s place in Cedar, MI. Nothing much went out for the rest of the weekend, […]

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