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Valentine’s Day and ideas, ideas

Damn! Where the hell have I been? It’s 2 weeks later now and well last time I wrote was well before Valentine’s day. So in recap here it goes:

Valentine’s Day………where do I start? WOW! I went to pick her up at her house and she had made me cupcakes and spelled out “I Love Anthony Like Whoa” in Red Hots on them. It was so cool, such an awesome idea baby, and oh were they every tasty, so good! After we headed back to my house and well first off I cooked her a candle lit dinner for 2, Fettucine Alfredo, and we drank soda from wine glasses. There was also a dozen red and white roses lying in the middle of the table. Picture perfect. After dinner we headed to my room and well it didn’t look much like my room. Hehe. I rearrange my furniture and put everything against the wall and covered my floor and half my walls with white cloth and red fleece. My room was surrounded with candles all around, scented rose petals everywhere, lil music and in the middle of my room was those kiss-kiss bears with our names personalized in stone on them, a cute lil book, and a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream. I was so excited and so was she. Natalie it was one of those moments I’ll be sure to never forget, an amazing night, definite fireworks, love you like whoa baby!

The week went by quick and I kept busy at work. Nothing much new there. Umm I started plotting out my beefed up NES system. Bought a few things off of Ebay for it and just waiting for them. I’ll give you more details later with my idea and whether or not it all is a success, I think it will! Thursday I had my taxes done, so good, I’m getting a pretty chunk of change back! Oh I got that shirt from Anoop, the one I designed for 313 soundlabs. It came out bad ass, I’m happy with it, so are they, all is good. As for this past weekend I spent a lot of time working on Natalie’s cousins computer, trying to fix it and stuff. I got it working purty Saturday night and well I only have a few more things I need to do to get it going grand. Oh man.

As for today I’m working here again, what else what I be doing on a Monday?! Nat met up with me for lunch earlier. Damn do I love that girl!! Later this afternoon I have a meeting with a few doctors to do some web work. Then later 2nite more computer work for a friend. Ahh so much to do and so little time. Things have been so busy lately. I’d love to go on that cruise this summer…still pushing for it! This weekend is gonna be hectic, once again. Friday night we’re gonna do hockey again at midnite-2am at Troy Sports Center, which I can’t wait for. Then on Saturday night it’s off to Canada for Rachel’s 19th birthday, whatta weekend.

Ok I’m outtie again. Nothing really too new, but definitely keeping busy. Ayite…later….

My Web Games

As I had mentioned I created a few web games, well it doesn’t appear that anyone has seen them and I’d like some feedback on regards to how they came out. Here’s the link to the 2 games and the screen shots. What do ya think? Which one you like the best?
(Just click on the game that you want to play)

Hockey, State, Flash Games

Last weekend Friday night I had made arrangements to rent out Troy Sports Center’s new inline roller rink. It was sweet. We had the rink from midnite-2am and like 16 people came out to play. It was such a bad ass thing. I miss playing hockey. It was so worth it. We’re planning on doing it again, but no date yet set. Definitely something you gotta do if you love playing hockey, felt so good to get the work out and to play the greatest sport! Before hand I was at my cousin Marios for his sister, Ritamarie’s birthday. My cousins Mario, Jerome, Pauly, my bro Justin, Natalie’s bro, Dan, Matt Terenzi, Matt Muir, PJ, Marv, Mark, and some of Mark’s friends came out to join us.

Saturday Nat, Em, and I went up to Michigan State at Dave’s apartment for PJ’s 21st birthday. It was shweet. Had a good good time. Seen Sarah, umm lemme just some that up….interesting…what the?…ok then…..weird….whatever. The cops did end up coming and broke it up. We ended up back there later that nite after visiting Erin in her dorm for a lil while and as we tried to fall asleep it just wasn’t happening. It was getting really late and we were all aggravated and it was still loud so it wasn’t like we could sleep much. So Nat, Em, and I decided that we were going to drive back home, but on the drive I was getting tired and the girls were already sleeping so I decided to pull over to a hotel and stay the nite there. A very wise decision on my part.

Sunday I visited Rachel and her ma at her APT for a lil bit then went with Natalie over her grandma’s house for dinner. Seen her new lil cousin, Eathan, such a cute lil baby, just born last week. I love her family.

As for the rest of the week it’s been quite busy with work trying to get a lot taken care of here. Last night I went over Nat’s aunt’s and we watched the much anticipated O.C. Damn is it bout time the truth came out to Marissa. Love the show!

Other than all this like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been in the progress of designing online flash games. I’ve came up with another simple yet minorly addictive game, Simple Racer. Click here to play the game. Please let me know what y’all think. I’m really curious on what people take on my games whether or not they like them. In the past journal entry I had posted about the first game I wrote. I’m still curious on what people’s feed back was on that. Anyways I’m gonna keep the games coming and if you have any questions in regard to the games or ideas, please let me know.

So things have been quite busy, if ya can tell, but I’m hanging in there. The other night Natalie and I were talking and it was one of those talks that so much is shared and so much is felt. It really made me feel it, she really makes me happy and lets me be who I want to be. I love her like whoa and for this valentine’s day I’m going to do my best to show her that. Only 2 more days…woo hoo! It’s gonna be a great day, even though she hasta work on V-day nite, I’m still going to give her the best V-day she’s ever had. Natalie, you mean so much to me and you’ve given me such much, I love you the most, and we still have so much ahead of us.

Loving life and living it up, getting caught in the moment, never forgetting the unforgetables, and smiling at the little things, gotta love it!


Un Encuentro and Super Bowl

This past weekend was a really busy one. Friday, wasn’t much of anything, but Saturday I helped round the house for open houses and then had a meeting with my dentist to discuss programming and web design projects. Went well he seemed really impressed and excited. He also recommended me to a few other dentists and doctors and they want me to do some websites too. I’m really excited. Things are definitely looking good. As he quoted, “You just become a web design specialist for doctors.” And that ain’t to bad of an idea!! Later that night I went and seen Natalie’s performance, Un Encuentro. She was so beautiful, wonderful dancer. I enjoyed it much. After the performance we all went out to Olive Garden for dinner. Good Good Nite.

As for Sunday, the once a year football loving pigfest, the Super Bowl. As like every year I went to PJ’s for the Super Bowl. Damn there was a lot of food, I definitely had a good amount, I was filled to the rafters, awww man! Patriots won, in the concluding seconds of the game with a game winning field goal. By far one of the best Super Bowl’s I ‘ve ever seen.

The rest of the week hasnt been much. Been working like whoa, its Thursday and before today I already had 30 hours of work. So I’m definitely looking forward to a pretty paycheck. Oh, the day before my 21st birthday I’m going to a bad ass concert, Finger Eleven and Trapt. It’s gonna be so kick ass, I bought the tickets today, not to sure who’s all going yet, but I do know that Natalie, PJ, Karrie, Angela, and maybe Dejuan and Rachel are gonna go too. Still got some time. I’m excited tho.

So yeah the game programming is going sweet, I finished that one game, mostly. I’m not planning on doing any updates to it anytime soon, so if you’re intested in playing it goto this page here to play it. Please let me know what you think and what change I should consider. I really want to know what people’s reactions are to it and whether or not it could or is a fun and addictive lil game. I’m currently in the process of another game, one that might be more interesting and fun to any of y’all who like football. Its going to be a one player football game, of the greatest rival of all time, UofM and Ohio State. The game is still in it’s infancy and I have a lot of work to do with it, but as soon as its playable I will link y’all up with it. I think I found something that is really sweet, I love the game programming, I could definitely get use to this.

Thats where I’ve been for the past week, all is well doing really good, Natalie and I are just becoming stronger and closer, it’s definitely getting much better. I’m really happy, thanks babe, love ya. Next weekend is Valentine’s and oohh is she in for a surprise, oo baby, haha. I’ll update y’alls when it all goes down and what happen. Ayite, time to actually get back to work, heh, I did finish the next issue of the newsletter yesterday so things are going good at work too. Hope everyone else is going well. Arrivaderci