Month: August 2004

Cedar Point, Saginaw, and LOTR

Back to last Wednesday, went to Cedar Point with half of the Myrtle Beach trip along with some Newbies. PJ, Renee, Sarah, Mike, Emily, Chris, Natalie, and I spent the day in Sandusky. It was an awesome day to go. No one there, everyone was back to school, middle of the week, hot and sunny. […]

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missing the beaches

Myrtle Beach is definitely being missed right now. I wish I could go back!! It was helluva lotta fun!! I’ve already begun to plot out next years trip!! More details still to come. Let’s see…. last week, Thursday, Natalie, Emily, PJ, and I went up to surpise Renee for her 20th birthday. We ate Red […]

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Myrtle Beach trip!!!

Ayite last week was the much awaited trip to Myrtle Beach. I’ll recap the awesome trip!! Our group was Rob Klienhardt, Abbey Rzeppa, Emily Bousson, Renee Fox, PJ Scally, Neil Galeck, Natalie Hunwick and myself. This is what we did- Thursday: This night we all got together, packed things up and after a million and […]

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