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Thanksgiving and New Car

2 weekends ago was one of those random weekends. Friday night I met up with Rachel and friends to go to Canada. As so we did, got a few free drinks at Woody’s but ended up at Bentley’s for the rest of the nite. My cousin’s met with us later that nite. Oh man, that Pistons/Pacer’s game was nuts. Never seen anything like that before! After the bar we did some street walking in Windsor for an hour or so. Stayed the night at Nick’s. Saturday was the big football game of UofM and OSU. Unfortunately they did not prevail, but thanks to Iowa we will still be going to the Rose Bowl!

Saturday night was just completely random and my cousins, Roy and I decided to go up to Central for the night. We hung out with my sister, Nikki, Jill, and friends. It was kinda dead weekend, but we were still able to make something of it. Sunday it was back to school, but only a 2 day week, so it went quick.

Thanksgiving day was very long and busy for myself. Ran that damn race in Detroit, Turkey Trot. I was up at like 5:30am. Then after that we had everyone back at my house for the lovely Thanksgivin feast. Then of course that night was the traditional “Camp Best Buy” night. This year was a little different. Started off at the Best Buy by Lakeside, but ended up at the one in Rochester. So after 6 or so hours of waiting in the blistering cold for well absolutely nothing I met up a lil later with my dad to go pick up my new car.

Yeah, I got a new car A 2005 Grand Prix to be exact! Its sex! I got it in graystone, love that color. Pictures should be come later today. After that was time for Anthony to get some sleep, since I hadn’t slept in over 30 hours. I slept til most of the nite. There after I met up with some friends at Sarah’s house, basically just chilled, had some pizza, and tried to watch a movie. Saturday I went to the dome to see my old high school in the State Division 1 Championship game. They lost. Ahh well. Crazy crazy game. Spent the rest of the day at my buddy Mike’s house, lazying it out. Made some plans for the upcoming weekends and so forth. Much is about to go down…hehe.

This upcoming weekend is 3December, the graphics convention I’m going to and then Sunday is the much anticipated Montalbano Christmas party at the Mirage. So once again another busy weekend. Only 2 more weeks of class then exams left for the semester! Oh also a big concert is coming up, TSO. Tickets are still in progress, but I’m hoping they come through. Thats going to be such an amazing concert!

Thas bout damn it….

Pictures of my car have been updated in my photo galleries
Goto then the newest gallery under new galleries, you know you’re gonna go look

Five University Weekend and much more

This past week has been extremely busy. I’ve been/done bout everything you could possibly do in 3 days. So Friday I came home for the weekend. Went over Rachel’s ma’s new house and Rachel, Brad, Kristen, and I watched Ocean’s Eleven and Friday. We played Dirty Minds and made fondue with strawberries…so damn good! So came home quite late that nite round 3ish.

Get a phone call Sat morn at like 8:30am. It’s my uncle, he’s got extra tickets to the U of M/Northwestern game. Shit, didn’t take me much to get outta be and over his house! So on the way to the game, my cousin Nick called. We had another extra ticket, so Nick met us out in Ann Arbor. The game started slow, but in the end Michigan prevailed. GO Blue! After the game my cousin and I walked around Ann Arbor for a bit. After that game we went to the Chippewa/Dakota playoff football game. I don’t think there was one cousin I didn’t see there at the game! Talk bout a family reunion. Gotta love the Italian family! It was a slow and cold game. In the end Dakota finally scored to win 7-0. So now they’ll play SHS (my old high school) this upcoming weekend for a clinch spot at the dome! Oh man.

After that game Roy and I drove out to Oakland University where my buddy Ian through a Playboy Mansion Party. The turn out wasn’t as much as it was expected, but still had a great time. There are pictures of the party in my journal. Also Ian has a site for all his parties and shit…the link… More pictures are found there. So waking up at his apartment I get a call from my dad. My sister’s friend’s car dropped transmission and I gotta drop them off at Central Michigan. So shit, came home got my sis and her friend and we drove out to Mount Pleasant. Dropped them off, visited Nikki and Jill for a lil while then started driving back toward Flint. I was going through Midland and recalled that my buddy Mike goes to school here, at Northwood University. So sure enough I went to his place. Again just chilled mainly. He’s got a sweet place.

Ok, finalizing my drive I came back to good ol Flintown, home of Kettering University. I had got a call earlier from a good friend, Sarah. She was at Kettering at the Papa Roach concert. She came and stopped by my place later that night after the concert. Ironic: (Mike and Sarah are dating)….seen them both, but in an unexpected turnout. It was a crazy ass weekend. When I was hangin out with Sarah, she seemed kinda loopy. I was lil worried bout her driving home but she made it home safely. Talking to her the next day she thinks that it could quite possibly be that something got slipped into her drink at the concert. Damn freaky shit! She’s doing good tho now.

So yesterday I had 2 exams. Fuck Phys. Schools really crackin on me right now. The semester, oddly enough is coming down to the end. About a month left. I start doing my scheduling this week and realized I only have 11 classes left to take to obtain my degree…hell yes..I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Future events: On Thanksgiving I’m gonna be running the Turkey Trot in Detroit (10K, 6.4miles). December 1st is the 89x Stole Christmas Concert in which I got tickets to! Still don’t have a date to them tho, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a date so if you wanna go, give me a holla! By the way the Used will be there, biggest reason for going! Then on December 3rd I have my 1st 3-D Graphics Convention in Royal Oak. I’m excited about that. Christmas its not too far outta reach…its just around the corner. There’s another concert coming up that I really really wanna goto. The TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) concert. I went last year and it was amazing! Now with their new CD, the concert is sure to be just as amazing as last year and since they play mainly Christmas music, it’s perfect for the holidays..

Hmmm, I’ve been also looking into a new car, hopefully I’ll have it by Thanksgiving! I’ve been making calls, doing research and shit. Looks like I’m most likely gonna get the 2005 Grand Prix, black. I’m excited about it! It’s about damn time I get a new car! I’ll post pics when I get it. Other than that, that’s about all that I’ve been up to. I’m still working on my snowboard for this January. I should have that soon too! This Saturday is the much awaited greatest rival football game ever, UofM/OSU. I may be out at UofM for parties and shit this weekend. Who knows?

All is well right now, extremely busy, but getting it done. Current book: Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick…..only a few chapters into it but great book! Favorite movie right now is the Recruit. Loved that shit.

Ayite time to eat a bit, then hit the gym and some more fucking homework…..

Central Weekend and Beer Gardens

Time for a 2 weekend update.

Dating back to 2 weekends ago (the weekend of the UofM/MSU greatest orgasmic football game evar!) I went up to Central Michigan with my cousins Matt and Neil and Neil’s friend Brandon. We started that Friday off in high class just drank straight Grey Goose and Hypnotiq the majority of the nite. By the time I was drunk, beer was like a refresher, so of course I just drank that. The first night was a blast and ended in an unexpected twist. Saturday I slept til like one, since I prolly didn’t fall asleep the night before til 5ish or so. Yeah, fuck me I missed the tailgating to the Central-Western game (BTW Central won in OT). So after I did finally woke up we went to the dorms to visit my sister. Chilled for some time and started watching the Michigan game.

We came back to Nikki’s (where we were staying for the extent of our weekend) and watched more of the game. Hot damn that was one amazing football game, automatically dubbed the instant classic (it was on ESPN classic only 7 days later!) Great great game. Gave us all the more reason to drink! So Saturday was the big night! Nikki and her roommate’s had a hugh Halloween bash at their house. It was awesome. I dressed up as the Punisher, hence the reason for black hair now. I did take pictures of the nite, but I musta forgot I had a camera after midnite b/c I didn’t get til bed til bout 6ish. Brandon and I ended up running the streets of Mt. Pleasant looking for Neil b/c for some reason, we lost him. I ended making contact with my cousin Trisha and we met up, went to an apartment with some friends, then found out that Neil returned back at Nikki’s. Weird story: Neil says he just woke up in a car, got out, was all lost and found him several blocks down from the house…in a random car. Can’t get much drunker and senseless than that?!

So Sunday was mostly a chilled day, return back to Kettering and did some homework, yeah lil hung over. It definitely was one of those instant unforgettable weekends.

Tuesday was the Piston’s home opener and banner raising ceremony. My dad got a suite and I went with my dad and my brother. Pistons won their 1st game and the ceremony was so hype! Good shit. As for school wise that week, very stressful. Since we’ve reached halfway point I was raped with 5 exams and 3 projects to do! I was good and bad on things, mainly good all, but Phys II. Fuck, I’ll get it!

This past weekend Friday Shawn, Justin and I just chilled at our apartment, had a few drinks, ended up calling a million people trying to make plans. Nothing. But we did get many invite to upcoming weekends. So now we have many plans and shit. That night ended early. Saturday night I was intending on going to State to goto Erin’s party, but thinking logically and shit, it prolly wasn’t the greatest weekend to go. Yeah my car is way over it’s miles and I need a new one. Working on that. So in turn I decided to stay back at Kettering, where there was more than enough going on there. Rob, from across, had a party, made a pitstop there then headed over T’s House for the preparty. Later than nite we ended up at Beer Gardens at SAE. It wasn’t bad. I heard good and bad things about that party. I had a good time tho. It was another funastic weekend.

As for these past few days, I’ve been kinda swamped with mucho projects and stuff. Basically just trying to keep somewhat ahead of the game. Still running everyday and better than ever. Started lifting weights now. Hopefully I’ll start to notice more of a difference. Shit, I’m lovin this.

This weekend, I’ll prolly be home with the fam. I do have plans for Saturday night. Oh Saturday night should be an interesting nite. Going to a Playboy Mansion party, men in robes, women in lingerie. Can’t get much better than that! It’ll be sweet! Atleast eye candy!
So thats bout that.

Gotta bounce tho, class is over (since I’m writing this in my Prob Stats class). Time for Physics!! Fuckin-A

More updates to come! Don’t forget to check out my new forum! There’s a whole slew of new possibilities and ideas to come in that!

K I’m out now!

New Forum

I’ve created my own forum on my website for friends and family and whom ever else would like to get into discussions and stuff. Go register now! The more users the more active the community will become. I haven’t posted much up because I’ve spent quite a few hours configuring and setting up my servers and shit, but things will get cracking on it. So get registered and start up some discussions. Ayite bad ass, now here’s the link:


Eminem’s new album is sweet as expect….lol there’s a song called “Ass Like That”……the lyrics are fucking hilarious as hell! He speaks with a foreign accent the whole song and the chorus is like this….”The way you shake it, I can’t believe it, I’ve never seen it, an ass like that, the way you move it, makes my pee pee go, da doing doing doing!”

He’s nuts….good shit though. Plenty of good new hits from Eminem coming our way!



I know its 2:14am and some odd seconds in the morn when I have an 8am exam, but I’ve thought about this topic here and there over the past week and never really verbalized it, but there’s this thing I know of and have been thinking off…..

So I date this girl way back when, for a couple years and I was probably the most laid back guy and never bothered to stand up much for myself, now yes I know that isn’t the right thing now. That relationship was a huge flop anyways. See it’s not that I didn’t care…there really isn’t much that bothers me. Well anyways I dated this other girl for a year and well here and there I’d get comments about pussy whipped and shit or stuff about needing to be a hard ass to girls sometimes here and there. And yeah I did shit that I would have never done without these ideas in mind. I didn’t exactly like myself, why? well gee b/c I didn’t want this image or that… After thinking about these thoughts and ideas, fuck that. I’m sick of what people really think about me b/c I don’t really care anyways. I’m happy with myself and who I am. I know I’ve made many irreplaceable mistakes in the past and many of them were b/c of the ideas of what people said and me, I’ve always wanted a good, honest, healthy relationship. I dunno if you’ve known me a few years back, but I was probably the most shyest guy you’d ever know. I’ve definitely opened up since. But I did kinda follow what others did, in a sense to fit in and shit. And after my 2 year relationship, I wanted to take it as a learning experience at the least to make it better for my next relationships. Well from what I was told about that relationship, I definitely over did many of my actions in the relationship therefore after. Seriously though there are so many things that I’ve always been worried about….I’ve been called much shit before. And I’d do things to counteract it and all, but it never did get anywhere doing that. I’ve just recently talked to my ex and she mentioned that I was bad at through lil fits about things. Obviously I’d deny it, but when thinking about some of the ways I acted with her….shit I did have the moments….too many of them. I was never like that before…y then? B/c of course I was told this and that about I’m such a easy going guy, I need to be more of a tough ass and blah blah blah. Ya know what? B/C of that shit, I wasn’t the true person I really am. Unfortunately she had to see that and yeah, there ain’t shit I can do about that know. One thing I know though now is that I’m who I am, can’t change that, yeah I’m different, well so is everyone else. I’m gonna just be me and fuck what others say. If I’m happy then why try to change things. Also I’m not gonna try to plan ahead, about actions or how I should act. Shit, one day at a time is just perfect with me. And whom ever I end up with next will be taken just like that. If it works then I’ll be the happiest guy alive. No more putting fronts up and shit trying to be what I’m “supposta” be or anything. I kinda liked the laid back approach to things. I’ll still speak my honest word b/c honesty is the best policy, something I strongly believe in, but I’m not gonna try to act like a hard ass, throw these lil fits, when it was more of an attention thing then the truth. It’s not me…I know that every day now…and things have changed already. Seriously in life you never stop learning, it’s a beautiful thing it is, understanding things and comprehending them. I’m only here to live once, and I’m going to live with not regrets, no worries (Hakuna Matata) and make the best of it! It’s me. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve put a lot together with everything that’s happened. I’m not changing the person I am, just adapting to life through experience and b/c of that it’ll just make me a much better stronger guy.

I don’t really know if any of ya catch what I’m feeling or saying, just typed out what I’ve been thinking about and thas about damn it.
I’m good
Life is good

(time to sleep before my exam in less than 5.52 hours, buono sera)