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It’s Christmas

My Christmas was great. Spent much quality time with both sides of the family. Friday I took my brother and sisters to church then after to my Aunt’s house for Christmas on my Dad’s side. Dinner was so good! We had a frutti di mare, or a spaghetti with scallops, salmon, mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp, squid, and octopus. It was amazingly so good. I love big Italian dinners, so much food, so damn good! After opening presents with the family I headed over to Natalie’s for Christmas with her family. Her mother got engaged to her long time boyfriend that night. Christmas Eve was a great day.

After Natalie’s house I went back home where my family was and my mom’s side of the family. We started a new tradition this year. We had the whole family over at midnite and celebrated Christmas all night. Had many drinks and played many games, priceless memories. All day Christmas we just layed around all day, ate a lot and watch many movies. It was the perfect Christmas with all of the family.

My Christmas goodies consists of the following:
-$60 in gift certificates for Best Buy
-2 Hollister hoodies
-3 Hollister long sleeve shirts
-a long sleeve button up shirt from Aeropostale
-a kick ass snow board, boots and bindings
-Hollister jeans
-many boxers, socks, and undershirts
-an Italian shirt that says “Not Only Am I Perfect, I’m Italian Too!”
-a Central Mich shirt

It was a very good holiday weekend and I wish it was longer. Now it’s time that I go to Best Buy and use those gift certificates, I’m gonna get Season 3 of the Family Guy. Hell yes!

As for the next 2 weeks, I’m loaded with stuff to come. Monday or Tuesday I leave to go up north to Cedar Michigan to spend time with my grandpa for the holidays and for 5 days of snowmobiling. Then I come home on Friday, spent the New Years with friends, then the Monday there after I’m going to Blue Mountain with Brian and friends for the week to snowboard. I’m excited for the time to come. Everything has been amazing lately and I couldn’t be happier.

God Bless all and I hope all of your holidays were as special as mine! See y’alls in due time.

Ciao! Buon Natale!

Semester Over and Christmas just a day away

So these past two weeks have flown by. It’s amazing how fast time really does fly! Tomorrow is Christmas, where did time go? Time for a last weekend recap. Friday I took my final exams and finished my semester. I later moved home that day. Later that night Natalie and I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (2nd year and running). That is an amazing concert, definitely will not be passing that up for many years to come!! After the concert I had this lil idea to wanna be a kid again, so I invited Natalie back to my place and I built her a fort in the basement. It was so awesome. It had a real fireplace, a bed, and a tv with a DVD player in it so that we can cozy up in our fort and watch a movie. Great nite!

Saturday was another amazing day. Mike and I had these plans we had made for quite some time now. We surprise the girls with a night on the town. We had them dress all up as did we, then we picked them up to go. They were blind folded so they didn’t know where they were going. So finally after some driving we arrived at La Dolce Vida. A beautifully set Italian restuarant in Detroit. When were seated to our table a dozen roses for each girl along with a card were awaiting on our perfectly candle lit table. It was amazing. (See Mike and I made a trip out to the restuarant earlier that day so that our table would be setup that way, hehe, sneaky) After our wonderful dinner we all headed to the comedy club to conclude the nite. It was just like Mike and I planned, a perfect night.

Sunday, sunday was a different day, not on the lighter side. I was informed Thursday that my great grandma Nana had passed away. It was a long day at the funeral home and then later dinner at my house there after. Nana, rest in piece and look over all of us, we love you.

Over this passed week I’ve made my way back to work. Been really diggin back into it. Oh, I finally got my snowboard this past weekend. Shit, I’m ready for our trip 1st week of January to Blue Mountain. It’s gonna be so amazing. This Monday my family and I will be going up north to my grandpa’s place in Cedar Michigan for much fun with the family and snowmobiling. For Christmas Eve, today, we will be having Christmas with my dad’s side of the family and my aunt’s. Then Christmas day will be held at our house with the mom’s side of the family. The next 2 weeks are going to be very full and fun.

Tonight I went out to Champp’s for my roommate Anoop’s 21st birthday. Later that night Mike, Sarah, Natalie and I just took it easy and relaxed our minds and bodies in Natalie’s hot tub. Seriously I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. I feel so good right now. I’m looking forward to my sleep, heh.

Oh if you haven’t checked the website lately, its just nearly finished. I’ve added many new features and pages for viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to check it out:

Ayite to retire the night with some TSO music and the wonderful holidays to come. Hope all your holidays are merry and full of memories to be. Merry Christmas!

Montalbano Christmas Party and Cottage Weekend

So its been over 2 weeks now since I’ve updated. There’s been a lot happening and of course a lot of new things have arisen. 2 weekends ago was that much anticipated 3December graphics convention at Alias. Oh man that was one sweet office building. I’d love to work in a studio like that. Maybe someway, someday. Sunday was the annual Montalbano christmas party at the Mirage. I love the family. I love the food. Good times with the family.

School’s been winding down now and actually I only have 3 exams to take until the end of the semester. So I’ve been mad busy with school work and finalizing all these projects and shit. I really can’t wait for the holidays. So much planned and so much to do in the upcoming month. It’s gonna be awesome. This past weekend was a crazy, somewhat unexpected weekend. Met up with a group of friends as we went to a cottage up north, played drinking games, and had good, great, memorable drunken times.

Lil life update for ya. Natalie and I have begun to talk again. We’ve both realized a lot in our previous relationship and currently right now are taking things much more slower and precautiously. It’s interesting enough to say the least, but I’m happy right now and maybe we’ll be able to get through. It’s a crazy world out there and the shit that happens, but like they say, everything happens for a reason.

So its Wednesday and Friday is the last day of the semester. I’m really getting close now! Less than 2 years left and I’ll have my lil degree. Kick ass! Friday is the TSO concert that is gonna be so bad ass…I can’t wait. It was amazing last year and it’s only gonna get better this year, perfect time for the holidays!

Other than all that I’ve been kicking out mad hours on my new website that made its debut last week. I’ve added much more content to it as I will be in the time to come. Remember to keep checking back to it and the guestbook is there for comments.

Ayite thats all I really have to update, I could elaborate everything that’s happen over the past week, but I figured the summary I gave fills you in enough…time to go work more on my website and get some studying set for my exams.


new homepage

I haven’t got the time to update the site right now. I’ve been really busy with school and studying. I’ve also dedicated some time to my new website for me. So here’s the official link to the page. Only half of the site is up. I hope to start tackling the 2nd half sometime tomorrow….now go look at it and leave me your feedback. What do ya think?!

Updates soon to come….