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Snowboarding, NAIAS05, Whoa Snow!

So this past Tuesday I decided to go snowboarding with cuzin Mario and his friend. Oh man the 1st few runs was like relearning how to do it all over again. Hehe, its ayite, by the end of the night I was back up to pace. Made the mistake of trying the moguls. Bad idea. I was cutting and BAM hit a mogul straight on and it launched me into the air. That’s when I knew it was, “OH SHIT!!” I came down hard, knocked the wind out of me, bust my knee up, hurt like hell. It was cool tho.

Work has been sucking as usual, keeping busy tho. Had a dentist appointment yesterday morn. Gotta get the wisdom teeth pulled, that blows. After work last night, Nat, Sarah, Mike and I went to NAIAS05 in the D. Amazing cars as usual. Afterwards we treated our hungry bellies to Olive Garden. Decided to go rent a movie there after, Garden State, and never got to watch really any of it b/c all 4 of us passed the fuck out.

So this morning drove Natalie to work then home. Man is it snowing! Seriously hasta be a foot of snow everywhere and the streets aren’t even plowed yet! Just got in from snowblowing and shoveling our driveway. Damn, I’m still cold. For tonight Nat and I are joining my cousin JoAnn and her fiance Aaron for dinner to PF Changs and to see a movie, Phantom of the Opera. Should be a good night. Tomorrow is Nat’s cousin’s 1st birthday. Big day for the lil guy. Hopefully I can make it out to Mt. Holly tomo morning too, for a lil more snowboarding action. We’ll see. It’s definitely a full weekend. Excited bout it too.

Future events are in the makings, nothing I know of to fantastical. Will post anything new that does happen to strike up. G’luck with all the snow y’all (Michiganders that is)


A healthy dinner

Don’t you ever sometimes just wanna cook a healthy, yet tasty dinner? Well tonight I was in the mood for that so I had Natalie come over after work for dinner. I made blackened atlantic salmon, shrimp scampi (my specialty), steamed crab meat, and lobster bisque. For desert we had angel cake with whipped cream and strawberries. I cooked all of these foods from scratch (mine own lil recipes) except the lobster bisque. She had me take pictures of our dinner and desert so here they are….
a healthy, yet simple dinner and desert

The $5.64 Lunch

So Matt and I were on a mission today at work. We were taking our cans back and wanted to have a full complete meal with desert with just deposit money of our empty cans. We returned the cans and had $5.60. Not bad. Now we had to get the lunch for both of us for that. The results:
2-Liter Faygo $.99 (includes $.10 deposit)
2 Snickers $.67
2 Banquet Heart One Chicken Fried Beef Steak Meals $3.98
Total meal for two = $5.64

We did it and he’s what our $5.64 meal looks like:

Oh, we’re good!

When you think you’ve seen it all…..

Working in the computer field and working with tech support you’ve seen just about every little scenario or problem that comes up. 98% of the time the fixes are routine and are easily cured. Well just when you think you’ve seen it all, the strangest occurence in errors becomes known…

A mouse of a different color

New Years, Cedar, and Blue Mountain

I’ve been boucou busy lately I haven’t had the time to update. As I had mentioned my Christmas was great and the holidays were very fun. For New Years I had many invites to parties, but instead I was more into babysitting for some money. I actually had a good time too, got to play Playstation for hours with this lil kid. It was awesome. As for the week after New Years I spent it with my family up in Cedar, Michigan. There was a lot of snow up there at first and we were able to get a few good days of snowmobiling in, but it wasn’t enough. I wish there was more time to sled. Watched mega movies and played a lot of euchre. It was another great week with the family and gramps. I returned last weekend.

I took Natalie out to the movies to go see Phantom of the Opera. It was so awesome. Just like the play. I see that it’s coming to the Masonic this March and some how some way I got to go. It’s too sweet! As for the past week I joined Brian and buddies on a week trip up to Blue Mountain for some snowboarding. I had a helluva time! It was awesome. I had never snowboarded before, but after that week and many falls I can now say that I can snowboard decently. I’m still sore a bit from it, but it was all worth it. I took many pictures of the trip and so did Nikki and Jenna. My pictures are available at and you can see Nikki’s and Jenna’s pictures here. I had a great time and miss it. Now that I can board I wanna go more. If anyone is up for some amatuer snowboarding, we’re going. Just make the call and we can do it! Sweet deal.

So now that my long ass vacation time is over I’m back in full to work tomorrow. It blows, but I really new the dough to pay my bills and shit. I’m ready for work though. Time to invest into my thesis. It’s gonnna be sweet! Basically thats a quick wrap on what I’ve been up to lately. As for future dates nothing is definite anywhere, but who knows.
Time to shower….I’m gone……