Archive: April 2005

Yes, I joined

So Kettering was finally added to facebook. I wasted the little bit of pathetic time I had and joined. So I guess be a friend and add me to your face book will you? Don’t remember the name? Anthony Montalbano.


I’m A Traitor, I Know

So today marks the very 1st day that I officially purchased an MP3 on the internet. Yes, me, Anthony, purchased a song on iTunes for $0.99. What has this world come to eh?

But here’s my logical thinking….so The Used and My Chemical Romance did a Queen/David Bowie cover song to “Under Pressure”. Not only do I love that song, the original, I love the bands that did the cover. Also all the proceeds from the purchase goto the Tsunami Relief Foundation. So if I think about it, I donated to a good cause. Today was the official release of the song exclusively on iTunes, and I just had to hear it also.

Yes, I’ve succombed. I spent almost a full U.S. dollar on a MP3 over the internet. The funny thing is, I feel like I did something wrong. I did get a good song though, it’s really good.

Okay time to go listen to my song, I’m going to get my full $0.99 worth of it, cuz shit thats a lot of money I just spent. Damn, damn.

22 years

Happy 22nd Birthday to me today, and damn, I got a full set of classes today, how about that. First day of classes on my birthday, fun.