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I don’t have time for this…obviously

Again its been 3 weeks since I updated. I know my updates have really been slacking along with many other things I’m normally up to date with on the internet. Hmm….so dating back to the weekend after Joann and Aaron’s wedding Natalie and I drove up to Caseville/Port Austin for Cheeseburgerfest. It was a lot of fun and the burgers were great! We chilled with her cousin and lil cuz for a while and spent most of the time at my place with my family. It was a very much needed relaxing weekend.

The weekend after that was the big one. It was our Mackinac trip. Nick, Jenny, Matt, Lisa, Natalie, and I went up to Mackinac for a 4 day weekend. On that Friday we drove up, over the bridge in the pouring rain north, way north to this place where we then boarded a train, then the train took us to a riverboat. A two hour riverboat ride took us to the falls, Taquemenon Falls. We got some amazing pictures of the falls and the beautiful land up in the U.P. After walking around at the falls we returned on the riverboat ride and then the train and back to driving back to our hotel in Mackinaw City. After getting ready we spent the rest of the evening in Mackinac Crossings shopping and doing whatever. Saturday we woke up and it was raining, but by the time we got onto our ferry ride to the island things started to clear up. Mackinac Island was awesome. Did all the favorite, the bike ride around the island was awesome, fudge was amazing, and the Grand Hotel sure lives up to its name. It was a weird trip because it seemed like we had the worst best weather anyone could have. If we weren’t doing anything it’d rain and rain and storm, but seriously within the time we wanted to do anything throughout the vacation the weather was perfect! Oh how I already miss it. We all had a great time and it went by almost too fast. Yeah, it did go by to fast.

Through out the week I’ve been extremely busy. I have been having so much web work lately. I have been doing/updating the Skinny’s Mt. Clemens website, I wrote a special PHP script for LK Photo site, and to come I still have to update Windy Hill website, create a site for Skinny’s of Warren, create a site for the Mirage banquet hall, and an embroidery company. I may have some more work that I’m sure I forgot to list, but its a handful! So this past weekend wasn’t really planned ahead of time, but Matt and I decided to go visit my grandpa up in Cedar, MI. It was a very good weekend. It was nice to spend a weekend with grandpa and just enjoy the beauty of the land that it truely holds up there. We did get out to Leland for some fresh smoked chub and smoked turkey jerky. Good good stuff!! On Sunday my grandpa cooked us Osso Bukko. It was really good actually, first time I ever had it. The weekend was good and if only I had more time and it was closer would I return more frequently. Things have been amazingly busy so far….if you couldn’t tell with the lack of journal entries lately.
So this upcoming weekend is Labor Day weekend and I’m looking forward to it also. A gazillion of my family and friends will be going up to Port Austin for an extended weekend. Natalie’s family will be going up there to. We are both looking forward to another full weekend. Rachel and her b/f Bryan is gonna be joining us too. We’ll all be sharing a tent… ;)…race anynone? Hahahah! Anyways that’s what has been going on lately and where I’ll be this upcoming weekend.

My final year of college is about to begin in about a month. I know its a lil bit away, but I can already feel it with everyone going back to school and getting back into the school thing. Can you believe the summer is already over?! It’s a sad thing, it really is.

On the lighter note winter needs to come soon b/c I miss boarding and snowmobiling. Especially boarding. Ya know, even though Michigan can have some of the shittiest (word?) weather, I do love it here. With all the seasons and weather changes, we have it all.

So a few weeks ago Natalie and I were at Meijer and we came up with this idea to create a scrapbook of this past summer. It seriously was one of, if not the busiest summers we’ve ever had. So I got some nice wood panels from my dad and I’ll be carving out our cover for our scrapbook. I’ll be sure to take pictures of it when we’re done.

I also apologize for not having any of my pictures updated lately at I havent had the time of day to do it yet, but I easily have over 400 or so pictures that I do need to get up there and they will be up soon. As for now enjoy what I do have as recent as I do and I will get them up in soon time to come.

It’s weird to think over my college years and I know they’re not completly over yet, but I already miss it. Not moving back to APT 230 this year is gonna be weird. They were some of the best years of my life and now that school is winding down things are going to be changing. I can remember way back when I started this journal, before I even went away for college and its already coming to a conclusion. It’s crazy. There are so many people that it seems like I’ve lost touch with and yet its so hard to keep in touch with everyone as much as I do wish I could. I haven’t forgot about ANYONE!

It’s about that time again, time to conclude another journel entry. I’m not too sure when my next entry will be, hopefully sooner than later. Times are definitely changing, I can tell. I’m growing up. Kinda happy and yet sad.

2 Weddings and so much more!

Ok so 3 weeks since a good update and its about time. I used to be so much more on top of things around here, but I’ve just been way to damn busy, this summer is nuts!!

So lets date back to the 24th of July. It was Natalie’s mother’s wedding. At first the day didn’t look like it was gonna be a good day because it was raining crazily outside in the morning, but by afternoon it was a beautiful day. A whole lotta fun. The ceremony and recpetion was at the Candlelight Chapel and Banquet Center in Troy. If you seen this place from the outside you’d never know how awesome it looks in the inside! It was really a great wedding. And well four of us had a little surprise. We came out for a song, Jump On It, in big muscular outfits and did a lil dance! It was great, awesome crowd pleaser! After the wedding we went to the new Concorde Inn at Gratiot and Hall. It was a sweet sweet hotel, our rooms are huge!! We had everyone back to the room for a while then Natalie and I had some much needed alone time. Wow is she fucking amazing! I love this girl!

Thursday after the wedding was dinner rehearsal for my cousin Joann’s wedding. When we got to the church I was blown away! It was huge and magnificently beautiful!! After the rehearsal we went over Aaron’s house for dinner. The whole wedding party got shirts that said “Vitale Wedding 2005” on them. So Saturday was the big day. It was an awesome day. Starting off in the Escalade limo at Penna’s then going straight to the church for pictures. The mass was perfect and they both looked amazing, Joann and Aaron. Congrat’s to the both of them! After the church we got into the Hummer limo and off to Belle Isle for more pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever been there and wow! It was a perfect day for pictures and the perfect place to take pictures! Then after 3 hours of pictures it was time for the real party! The reception was great and the food was great! I had put together a special video for them while Aaron’s dad song along to it. Everything was too perfect. I had an awesome time! A bunch of the family went to National Coney Island at like 2am. And all ended so early! I can’t believe those 2 wedding are done with! I can remember them for ever and a day and now they’re over. Kinda said, but at the same time great nights!

So since those two hard to beat wedding weekends I’ve been meeting with different people in contracting new website jobs. So now I’m redesigning the website for the photographer. Adding more features for the Skinny’s Mt. Clemens website. Now doing the other Skinny’s of Warren’s website. Also doing the Mirage’s website. On top of that I’ll also be doing a website for a custom embroidery and screen print company, and redesign the website for Windy Hill campground of Port Austin. I’ve been so busy lately I dunno when I have time for much else.

One thing I am upset, very upset that I missed was the fucking Warped Tour. I was looking so forward to going and after the wedding, and the drinking I ended up sleeping half the day and was too lazy! Fuckin me! I wanted to go badly, ugh, next year is too far away! Other than that this past weekend was another busy one.

Friday night we went over Rachel’s house for a lil schindiggy. A lot of people I haven’t seen since I was in diapers were there and people just kept on coming. It was a good night! Saturday I was over Danko’s for half of the day working on his computer with him. After that Natalie and I went to my cousin Anna’s graduation party. Proceeding that was a night in Canada. As all trips to Canada are, memorable. Matt, Lisa, Natalie, and I road in Matt’s vehicle and well we couldn’t find anywhere to park, so we drove up on the curb and POP! PHFSSSSSSS! There goes the tire. So we flip the girls some money and let them go into the bar while Matt and I changed the tire in like 2mins. Quick and fast and we were able to catch up the girls in no time. I guess there was some metal point sticking out of the curb, wish we coulda seen that earlier! As for yesterday, Sunday, Natalie and I drank daquiri’s by the poolside all day. It was a relaxation day, a perfect day to just chill.

So I wish I could post some pictures of the past weekends and weddings, but over the weekend, somehow my webserver account was cleared! Oh shit! Do ya know what that means? All of my websites are gone!!,,,, and all other associated sites, nothing! Ugh something more for me to do. Luckily I have all of them backed up on my computer I was able to reconstruct some of the sites. I haven’t put all of them back up. Thinking about it, I think I’m going to redesign the format of my pictures website. It’s in need of a change. So for now I may put the old ones back up, but I’d say within the next week the new pictures website will be up. I deeply apologize for this, I’ve gotten many messages for nothing being there, but I’m working in the best of my time as I can. I will update again as soon as the picture site is back up and running, hopefully in a new format and aesthetically pleasing!

This weekend is Cheeseburgerfest in Caseville and as of now Natalie and I are leaving after work on Friday. Then the week after that we leave for Mackinac! We got our group finalized. Nick, Jenny, Matt, Lisa, Natalie, and I. I’m looking forward to it. As for now it seems like that insane crazy list of things to do this summer is coming slowly to an end. Man does time fly fast! -k- time for me to get back to work, I got way to much work cut out for me.