Month: September 2005


I got my exclusive Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets!! Never knew being a member of the fan-club would have such perks! They had a presale for tickets today at 10am and guess who got 12th row tickets for December 9th?! Yes, Joann, Aaron, Natalie and I will be there. I can’t wait already! If you don’t know […]

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4 Years!!

I can’t believe its already been 4 years since my journal started. Yup 4 years of my life have been blogged here. It’s crazy to read back at so many memories and times that I’ve had. In those 4 years have been my college years and its sad to say this, but I can feel […]

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Labor Day woot

Labor day/weekend was awesome. As I may have mentioned before we drove up to Port Austin for an extended weekend on friday. It was great. Natalie bonged her first beer and needless to say not her last at all…haha! She easily put down 15 bonged beers. With the rest of the family we just drank, […]

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