Month: January 2006

January in a Whirlwind

I know last time I left a entry on LJ it was pretty shitty. So I got my grades back then and I once again am having a difficult time with my school. It’s so frustrating, seriously what is is going to take to catch a break at this damn school and graduate! So the […]

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This is just frickin beautiful, school is something else

To long of a story to write right now, so I’ll leave you with this. The lyrics to a song I feel right now, slightly modified b/c its not about my relationship. I love Natalie, we’re awesome. It’s about other big things in my life, my academics…… Like I said; “leave your baggage at the […]

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A new year and busy holidays

Ok, here`s a look back at the past month. I finished up my school semester on December 16th. The semester was whoa busy and I can’t believe that I was actually able to finish everything that I had to do. For my Computer Networks class, our group wrote this awesome Mail User Client in Java. […]

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