Month: March 2006

Just a few things

I got my new bindings in 2 days ago. They’re effin awesome, now if only it would snow enough to go snowboarding I’m in. But it doesn’t look too promising. This is a short update, just wanted to share a few lil things and be back on my merry way. Moving back to school in […]

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Spring is almost here

So it looks like the summer is within a grasp. I’ve been quite busy with a lot and school is going to be crazy. See I got this letter from the school saying they cancelled one of my courses due to low enrollment just screws me over even some more. So after looking at over […]

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February so short it’s as if it didn’t existed

Gee, did that month fly by so fast I never wrote. It has been extremely busy and I really don’t know where to recap so I’m just going to go with it. The weekend before valentine’s day was quite interesting. It guess the best way to explain it would be to check out the galleries. […]

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