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Just a few things

I got my new bindings in 2 days ago. They’re effin awesome, now if only it would snow enough to go snowboarding I’m in. But it doesn’t look too promising. This is a short update, just wanted to share a few lil things and be back on my merry way. Moving back to school in a coulple weeks, that should be interesting. I then hope to deeply delve into

Don’t fret FlipFrog is coming soon.

Recently I’ve had this knack of buying DVD concerts, they’re awesome and something you definitely will watch many times over. I currently have…
The Silence
Hawthorne Heights
Greeley Estates
Bon Jovi
Meat Loaf

and I have my eye on many other ones….

oh and by the way, if you’re not familar with, its really a sweet site. I listen to music all the time and I thought it’d be cool to statistically analyze what I listen too, thats were comes into place. Below show the 10 most recent songs I’ve listened too and if you click on it you can see my profile. You’ll notice that each time you visit this entry the songs will be the most recent, it constantly updates. Cool eh? Check it out

Spring is almost here

So it looks like the summer is within a grasp. I’ve been quite busy with a lot and school is going to be crazy. See I got this letter from the school saying they cancelled one of my courses due to low enrollment just screws me over even some more. So after looking at over 10 different schools and schedules I was able to figure out a game plan to graduate. Its long and drawn out, but I can do it. Basically it goes something like this….

Currently at OCC til April 30th
Kettering from April 3rd til June 15th
OCC from May 9th til July 10th
Kettering from July 17th til September 14th

Thats what I need to do! As you can see theres a lot of overlapping but I was able to find a way to deal with the overlapping and taking the necessary classes to graduate. Its kinda crazy b/c when I think about it I will have been in school for 1 solid year with a break. Wow nuts. But I can’t wait, I’m so ready to move on to bigger and better things.

I’ve made some progress on the much anticipated I have started to delve into AJAX development and I have already started to fall in love with possibilities. I seriously can’t wait to share with all of you the future of flipfrog!

Over the past few weeks I really haven’t been up to anything, I’ve been quite sick. Just watching a lot of movies and chillaxin. Natalie, Nick, Jenny, and I hung out at Nick and Jenny’s nearly the whole weekend. It was a calm and relaxing weekend, needed to revive myself. The weekend actually had some really nice weather in the 60’s and inspired me to clean my car. It needed it a lot! And then you look at today, cold and snow flurries….only in michigan!

It looks like the snowboard season has come to an end. It was a great season and I’ve open my eyes to so many new things. My love for the sport has deepened. Last night I bought new bindings for my board! I’m excited to get them. I’ve heard a lot about Flow bindings and I love the idea of the easy off and on. I just bought Flow Amp 5 bindings. I already can’t wait for next years ‘boarding season. Here is a picture of my new bindings….

So awesome, hells yes!

Ayite time for me to depart again, I’ll be back sooner than later.

February so short it’s as if it didn’t existed

Gee, did that month fly by so fast I never wrote. It has been extremely busy and I really don’t know where to recap so I’m just going to go with it. The weekend before valentine’s day was quite interesting. It guess the best way to explain it would be to check out the galleries. Such an awesome weekend! Then for Valentine’s day I surprised Natalie and took her out to dinner at Carrabba’s then to go see Chicago live. It was a good night. This passed weekend we went to the Emerald for Rachel’s 21st birthday! A lot of people, kinda felt like high school all over again. And just to think, in a mere month I’ll be a fat 23, ugh, I’m gettin old!

Saturday night we went up to Sienna’s place at Central. The party was really good and it ended with a lil bit of drama, but it’s all good now. In the mean time I’ve been xxx busy. From school every mon and weds to doing all of these projects for people and family and whatever. I recently finished a much awaited website, I’m actually really happy with it, all with PHP and mySQL, I’m able to now hand over the administration to the site to others which is less work for me! Woot!

Snowboarding (A.K.A. – Sex 2.0) — This has seriously become my new obession. I love it. I’ve been going atleast once a week. I can’t help it. And if it were cheaper I’d be out there every day! Mt. Holly has been putting up some sweet as jumps lately and last night was probably one of the best/worst nights! They had this new jump had serously had to have a 30foot gap! I was tempted and after feeling confident from half then night I attempted. Well I didn’t have enough speed and it fuckin hurt muh legs. But that was overcomable. It wasn’t til later when I hit a jump and obviously I wasn’t ready and bit hard. My right arm was behind my back and I fell on it. So now it feels like my shoulder is being stretched continously and my wrist hurts like a motha! Oh and then on my last run done I hid a good jump, cut hard and what ya know, my bindings some how snapped. I dunno what happen, I know they were some cheap bindings, but damn. So before I go back out I need to get new bindings. I’ve been looking and I dunno what I’mma get. I’ve been thinking about getting Flow bindings. Anyone know of recommendations? Not a fan of the step-ins, so I’ll pass on those.

So I have like a bajillion things to do and I am dying do them. I think I’ve been so busy and exhausted lately that I blame my sickness on it. I feel like shit and just am tide and got a bit of a cold. Spring semester is coming up and its going to be a definite doozie! Ugh! I can taste the finish and just cannot wait!

Argh, time for me finish my day off at work. Ciao y’all, sorry for such a long wait on the entry. February did exist, I know this!