Tis’ Holidays

I love the snow.  There’s something about snow that just makes sense.  I don’t know if its facade of white purity over it’s translucent water counterpart or its ability to fall in impeccable slow motion, the kinda of motion that moves you, that can totally sum up one moment into a lifetime of remembrance.

I don’t think I’d look at the holidays any other way without snow.  It would be impossible otherwise to sum up each year of high’s and low’s without the crystalline delicacies of each snow flake.  For some reason I can look outside and just look back at all I’ve accomplished, failed not completed yet, loved, and lost, are moments capture in time, through each flake.  Each flake, whether a happy or sad moment in my life falls white.  I think this just re-iterates my belief to life without regrets, because through everything I’ve done throughout the year, there was something I believed in at one time.

It’s good to reflect back on what I’ve done and take from it the good (and keep doing that)  and the bad (a lesson to be cautioned for again).

The holidays are just an amazing time.  Through its hecticness and cold, there’s more beauty and warmth than many can see.  It’s the time to be thankful for another year of life, of happy’s, sad’s, good’s, and bad’s.  Its a celebration of love and laughter.  I couldn’t imagine the holiday season any other way, even with the weather (as some despise of), I wouldn’t want to be any other place than where I am now.  (oh and to leave my family, the one true, best thing anyone could have, would be more than a tragedy, an apocalypse.)

I look back at 2008 as “one helluva” year.  If someone would have told me the things that oh-eight has brought to me would make me a non-believer.  Regardless of everything that has happen this year, good and bad, I bring full heart and determination into oh-nine, looking forward to once again another year of success, happiness, and most of all, love.

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