21 and back to school…

So the last few weeks have been really busy. Last week I spent most of the week cleaning up my room and packing it up. Damn you never really realize how much shit you have until you start boxing it up. So now my bedroom is nothing more than a matress and a TV on the floor. My closet is empty, my room is nothing any more. It’s nuts, b/c it’s not going to be my room anymore….kinda sad. And now in a month I’ll be in my new house, new room. I spent most if not all of Wednesday and Thursday packing and ended up throwing away 7 garbage bags of ol shit. Wow, this is it, we’re really leaving this house.

I also went into work a couple days last week to finalize some things. We got a bunch of new computers at work so I had to help around with that. Oh almost forgot, fucking friday I’m pulling into work and what do ya know I get pulled over…again! for fucking window tint. BULLSHIT i say, BULLSHIT! So now I think I gotta remove it for good. Ahh, but I love the privacy while driving. Stupid laws.

Friday night, Natalie and I just chilled, got carry out and I made her my infamous homemade apple pie. Later that night I went out to check out my new house. Wow, it’s really looking good. I’ll take some pics when I get a chance. May 3rd, carpet comes and the house is finished!! It’s not that far away at all either. I brought a lot of shit up to school so I wouldnt have to pack as much.

Saturday was a really busy day. Woke up early finished packing up my vehicle and my room to move back up to APT 230 at kettering. Later that evening I came back up and went with Natalie to the Trapt, Finger Eleven, Smile Empty Soul, Strata concert. But what do ya know Finger Eleven….no show…assholes. Whatever, Trapt put on a mighty show, it was still fun. After the concert we were tire and just went back to her house and relaxed. I ended up just staying the night over her house.

Sunday….MY 21st BIRTHDAY!! hell yes….I am now legal. I slept half the day then went out to dinner with my family. After dinner I came back up to Kettering, had a few drinks for my birthday and later went bowling. So now I’m old….21 baby…kinda feels good though. Ahh well I had a very happy birthday. Natalie got me the awesomest towel in the world. It’s of the Italian flag with the shape of the boot on it. So kick ass. I love that girl so fucking much!! Natalie yur the bestest! I love you like whoa!!

Monday, good ol’ first day of class. It wasn’t too bad though. I don’t think this semester is gonna be that difficult. So far so good. Today I was luck and didn’t have any classes. So we did some food shopping for our apartment. So this upcoming weekend is easter and my family will be in Florida, so I’m going to spend the holidays with my beloved Natalie. Seeing everyone pack and getting ready for their Florida trip is making me even more anxious to go on our Myrtle Beach trip…114 days is just to damn long….grrr. It will come soon enough. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have our whole group figured out. I can’t wait much longer!!

Thats bout it for now, been quite busy, yes, but everything is all well. Back into school and things are slowing down a bit. Everything has been so fast paced lately and it feels good to finally get all situated and settled, for now. Oh, by the way, I have the greatest gal friend, Natalie is wonderful, so damn beautiful too, very greatful. So in love. Life is good. I will be back later. I do hope classes are what I’m seeing them as, but you can never tell with the way Kettering is. Volleyball tournament is coming up. First practice tonight. Time to see what we can do. Also I’ve started up working out again because if I plan on going on this Myrtle Beach trip I wanna look good on the beach. So much to do and so little time, and so anxious for so much. Ayite….time for the gym….ciao….

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allstarchic says:

Glad to hear everything is going good with u and Natalie and school and ur house, all sounds great. I hope it keeps going that way and best of luck in everything.

<3 Beth

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