4th of July and Weekend after

It’s been quite a bit since an update, but I’ll see if I can recover everything. First off 2 weeks ago Thursday we celebrated Natalie’s birthday a week in advance at her house. Did a few fireworks, had a few drinks and partied it up a lil. Friday night we headed down to the Mt. Clemen’s fireworks with Emily and Bobby and met up with Shawn and Jen. Later after the fireworks we had a few people at my new house. Gave everyone the tour and shit, you know how it goes.

Saturday I slept in half the day with Natalie and when we finally got up we went to Hollister and I took her on a lil shopping spree for her birthday then I took her to work. Packed and after work I picked Nat up and we drove up to Caseville/Port Austin for a long weekend. Caseville’s fireworks were that night and we made them just in time to play a lil volleyball and watch the fireworks. Sunday night, the 4th, was suppose to be Port Austin’s fireworks but due to ugly weather they were postponed til Monday. The Port Austin fireworks were really good. It was nice being up there with the most beautiful girl beside me and the place we met last year, so sweet. On Tuesday we went out on her boat in the Lake and did some tubing and water skiing. It’s been a while since I’ve done either, but it was a lot of fun!

It was a short week and the rest of the week I was really busy with work, almost pulled off a 30 hour week in 3 days. Thursday was Natalie’s 19th birthday and we went out for dinner at Macaroni Grill with the fam and Em. Later that night we met up with Sarah and Steve at a party. Friday night the infamous Canada trip for the 19th was in. Natalie, Emily, Jesse (Em’s guy), and 2 of Em’s friends and I went to Canada for the night in honor of Nat’s 19th. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Windsor and dance and drank it up at Bentley’s and Joker’s. It was a very interesting night, to say the least!! HAHA, oh man especially after we got back from the bars, a very crazy and wild night!!

This past Saturday night Natalie bartended with her father at a wedding. Myself and Em went to Sarah’s grad party. Lil story blurp: We were all talking and shit and this kid was talking about how he work’s at a dealership and I told him the same and…
Him: “Which one?”
Me: “Mike Riehl’s”
Him: “Oh really? Do you know Paul R****g?”
Me: “Yeah, I can’t stand the guy, he pisses me off!!”
Him: [flicking me off] Fuck you! That’s my dad!!”
Me: [speechless] Oh shit!
It was cool though after, he’s a cool guy. All was settled after a few punches, lol, not really, but it was really funny! After the graduation party I went with PJ to a bachelor party for none other than an ol pal I use to work with back with MJC, Eric. It was crazy meeting up with a few ‘ol friends from way back when. Later that night I crashed at Natalie’s for the night. Sunday Natalie and I went for a quick dip in her pool late night and just chilled after.

Monday I worked and worked. After work we had a lil shindig at Natalie’s house, went swimming and just chilled. It was a fun night. Again on Tuesday Nat and I went swimming again. The water is really nice and oh does it ever feel good after working and driving home in that heat! Today I got some shit to do at home for my sister, Sienna’s graduation party this Sunday.

Tomorrow night is gonna be so bad ass! It was kinda a last minute thing, but Natalie and I are joining Sarah and Mike (that kid that I work with his dad) to a premium concert: Evanescence, Seether, Three Days Grace, and Breaking Benjamin. I can’t wait, it gonna be so kick ass!! Fuck yes. That’ll be the highlight of the week.

It’s nearing more and more, our Myrtle Beach trip is just around the corner. 2 weeks away and we’re off. I’m so looking forward to this trip. I’m in dire need of a vacation. It’s gonna be a short trip to paradise! As for now we just hafta wait.

This weekend I got quite a few grad parties to attend along with a band picnic for Nat’s uncle. Yeah, that’s my update for the past few weeks. I know it’s been quite a long time, but shit’s been so busy and so far this summer has started up sweet. I can’t wait for the rest! Possible other plans have been talked about, but nothing in concrete. I will update to let y’all know if anything else erupts. Time for some more shitty ass work (I really need a new job soon!) Until then I will linger here a lil bit longer. Hope everyone else out there is having a banging summer. Dial up the digits to make plans to do sumptin. I’d like to get some people at dodge park for some V-ball. Hmmm……..


xfalnainjelx says:

lord kid ! I haven’t talked to you in ages..
We defentally should get some people rapped up together and hit dodge park and play sum vball 😀 count me in!

happygrl4 says:

im in anytime

vball is my fav! =)

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