Anniversio trimestre de Sarah y Anthony

Today is Sarah and I’s three month anniversary. Wow I can’t believe that it has already been three wonderful months. It’s great. If you wanna see a picture of us, click here. Tonight we are to be going to Buca de Beppo’s for dinner. The weather’s kinda shitty though, but that’s ayite. I just back from the Chrysler marshalling fields in Lapeer. I drove a 2001 Sebring back, not the greatest car but decent. I made stop at my old job but my old boss was doing a walkthrough so I wasn’t able to talk to him. Oh well. In about 15 days from today I will be leaving to go up to my college, Kettering University. I’m kinda excited bout the whole thing. It’s going to be hard to leave so much behind, but it’s only 3 months and I’m back again. Oh! I start this new website that will be about me and have everything that I have done or anything that has to do with me on it. There’s nothing to it right now but within a week or so it should having something to it. Its Check it out sometime when it’s up. I’ll be sure to tell ya when it is too. Well I got some work to get down so lata!


Anonymous says:

Anthony U R such a nerd… dont even say a Sebring is a decent car cuz u are OBSESSED with them… .you think its like the best car in the world! LOL…. I still luv ya though

admin says:

Baby I meant it wasn’t the best sebring, sorry for the miscommunication!

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