Emery Concert and early V-day

This weekend was beyond awesome!

Friday night Natalie and I met up with Matt, Matt, MattG/F, Alexis, Jade, Chuck, and othas. The first two bands, Remember Never and Misery Signals, were craze hardcore, too much for us, but when Emery hit the stage it was fucking amazing!! Eighteen Visions played after Emery. I finally got my kick ass Emery track jacket and some stickers for my snowboard. In my last post I left a small 30sec clip of Walls. They played almost their whole album including Walls, Under Serious Attack, By All Accounts Today Was Disaster, Ponytail Parades, Fractions, As Your Voice Fades, and Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes. So fucking hype! I can’t wait til Warped Tour where they’ll be back and rocking. I’ll be there.

Saturday, Mike came over most of the day and we spent most of the day bullshitting and fixing up his computer. I went over Denise’s house (own the restuarant La Dolci Vida) b/c she made me a special Tiramsu for me, for Natalie. Then we did some grocery shopping for what the night was to become.

See Natalie works a shit lot. And well that includes this whole weekend including today, Valentine’s Day. And she’s been sad lately b/c she didn’t think we would be able to do anything for the holiday, I just kept telling her we’ll just do dinner and a movie, she was ok with that, but she’s like, we do that all the time.
Little did she know….
I told her to come over my house after work (11pm). So she did. I had made a dinner for the two of us, Alaskan King Crab, Breaded Cauliflower, Seasoned Parmesan Potates, and Shrimp. Then I directed to the basement where I covered the ceilings with black sheets with christmas lights underneath the sheets so that it looked like the stars in the sky, then in the middle of the room was this table with a white table cloth and two candles on it and a letter (in the letter was 2 tickets to see the play, Phantom of the Opera in March). I also made a CD of my favorite slow Italian music that played softly in the background. I loved the atmosphere. So we ate dinner. After dinner I suprised her with a specially made Tiramsu for us. It was amazing. All of the food was so perfect, I was so happy everything was going as planned. After eating I brought out a gift I wrapped in my own special V-day way. In this gift was the Notebook DVD. So proceeding dinner we went and cozied up in my bed and watched the Notebook. We fell asleep together and didn’t end up waking up until almost 1pm the next day.

I wanted to give her the best dinner and movie she’s ever had. The night was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anymore!

The table and the sky without the flash, if you look closely you can see the stars in the sky

With flash so you can see the table a little better.

A closeup of our Tiramsu

Sunday wasn’t much of anything, chilled out with Mike and Sarah for most of the day, Natalie again worked all day til midnite. Called the night early and fell asleep to Family Guy. As for the upcoming week, not to sure what’s going on, no plans yet. I still have much work to do with my new website. I’m really loving PHP right now. I’ve really gotten the feel for mySQL database connections and PHP. I can’t wait for this site to be ready for its public distribution. You may browse around the site now, but its still in it’s beta testing stages….


Ayite, all is well, I’m doing quite good right now, happy with everything right now. Life is grande.

P.S. – possible trip this summer, I’ve begun the researching and I’m looking to do another trip this summer, similar to Myrtle Beach, but not as big. The goal of the trip is to keep the main cost per person under $100 for a 4 day trip which will include lodging and transportation. More news to come about on this.


rachybaby422 says:

HELLO THERE!!! WHAT IS UP!! dude i saw ur post about warped tour hell yea im going!..but ne ways!!! once again HI! lol

admin says:

sweet deal,it’s gonna be so rad this year, so many good bands are gonna be there….oooh if you’re really hardcore you could drive out to NJ for the Bamboozle. That’s gonna be awesome, I’m working on gettin a crew to go out there! Check it out at http://www.thebamboozle.com! KK, latas

Yeah, fosho, I’mma add ya!

admin says:

hey it’s me again, i found your myspace too, no i’m not stalkn ya, but thought i’d let ya know i added ya there too.


Nat and I will try to find ya at Warped, killer!

kk, bye

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