It’s 11pm, I’m sitting alone on my couch, watching an acoustic DVD of Emery and 2007 seems like already yesterday. I’m not getting any younger and it’s more apparent every expiring day.

2007 is definitely a year in my life that will never be forgotten, a year that has definitely taken change to my life. It’s weird to think what I felt just 6 months ago is nothing like I do now. To think the last journal entry I wrote (it’s hidden) poured out so much emotion, thought and realization. The turn of events that happened after that journal entry literally took every word written and is now but words, nothing more. At the time written, it was the only thing I felt, they were what I meant, words like “forever”, “one”, “love”, “happiness”, were so explicitly detailed that reading those words now shows what I’m capable of, and what I lack. It’s been a quarter of a year now since I’ve said 1 word to Natalie, and frankly I don’t plan on saying 1 more. She’s nothing, but a girl. I loved her, I did, but through everything, there is no way I would ever waste my life to be with her again. Harsh, I know, but I’m too good for it. In the past 3 months or so I’ve learned/experienced so much in my life, life lessons that I can’t wait to take with me for my future and one day share with my kids. It’s amazing to even say that this is 2007, because it all seems like so long ago, but its still here, in the present.

They say “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and I’m not dead yet, so take the hint.

I do have to thank many friends and family for sticking by my side through the low times. I’m so extremely grateful and thankful to have friends and family like you, I love all of you, I do. Besides the beard, I can honestly same I’m a new guy. Like I said before, the vivid details of each second are soon to be forgotten, but I haven’t forgotten the details, the memories. I love the new memories, the new life of mine and the future which is to be the memories to come.

That two piece puzzle I wanted to complete will be put on hold for now, I finally see why the puzzle never was completed, it was the wrong DAMN piece! 🙂 It’s all good though, I’ll find that other piece someday, it’s out there, she’s out there. I just got to get use to cooking meals for one. The last couple dinners I made was definitely too much for me. 😉

Work has kept me busy lately, I like it. I recently spent sometime in San Jose, California for a Facebook conference which definitely enlightened me. I’ve been working diligently on a couple new projects that I’m super pumped to release to the public. (Hopefully at week’s end)

The summer of 2007 is a memory of the past and this winter is looking to be a good one. I seriously can’t wait to strap on my snowboard and hit the slopes. It’s an addiction that I’m so anxious, and I know the next couple months will vacate and the snow will be here.

I know I’ve said this too many times before in my entries, but I honestly do want to write more often in this thing. This is technically my 3rd entry in 2007, and out of the 6 years I’ve been writing in it, 2007 is definitely more important in my life. And busy, hence the reason for not writing as much.

As for now I’m going to keep enjoying life and everything God has given me. Sometimes I question why He puts me through situations, but He’s only looking out for me, He’s just steering me away from danger. I never did give that man up there thanks, thank you. Music is a savior and I know I couldn’t get through my life with out it, music is effin awesome!

So, for the future, I’m having a Halloween Barnyard Extravaganza on October 27th. If you’re looking for something to do for Halloween and still don’t have anything, just get a hold of me and I’ll give you the details. It’s going to be monumental!


jkhuggins says:

Hey there …

What’s up with graduating? How are you doing there? Anything I can do to help?

admin says:

I know I’m one class short, and as much as I wanted to take it in the spring/this fall, I’ve been so involved with many things and I honestly felt like I burned myself out with school, even being so close. I plan on taking that last class this winter, things are calming down and stabling.

I’ve been doing better lately, things are looking good. This year has just been ridiculous, a real rollercoaster. But work has been good, I’ve gotten involved with a lot of really cool things online lately and things are looking bright. It’s just sometimes when you plan things, they don’t go as you expect. I’ll take that one last class, probably at a community college local.

Thanks for your extended help, I do appreciate it. How have you been lately?

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