Go Red Wings

Well this weekend was exactly how we planned but still manageable. On Friday Sarah came down with strep throat, so we werent able to do much. She slept all day on the couch while I reconfigured her computer. Saturday wasnt much either. It was our 7 month but she was still sick and we couldn’t go out to dinner. I worked in the morning. I’m working at the Arbors again during the weekends. Later Saturday, Sarah and watched 3 movies, Green Mile, Wedding Planner, and Dirty Dancing. Sunday she was feeling much better. She had gotten her car the day before, a ’91 Grand Am, and we went and got new keys made. She drove. It’s different not driving, but I liked it. Later that nite we went to the Red Wings game, which was a part of my Christmas gift. It was an excellent game. Wings won in overtime 3-2 against the Senators and Stevie Yzerman got his 1000th assist on the overtime game winning goal. He’s only the 9th player with that accomplishment. It was a great Christmas gift!! This weekend was definitely a good one, even though Sarah was half dead, but I was able to manage. I had a great time!! Sweethearts is coming up. I need to get some shit for it. Must bust, I work to only 5 now, so I’m about to get outta this place. Lata!


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