Happy Thanksgiving!!

Yeah so I’m I just ate half a turkey! But damn was it good! Well I came home Tuesday around 3 for the holiday weekend. It’s been a great weekend too(even though it just started!!) Haven’t done much lately, I was over Rachy’s for a lil while on Tuesday, helping her fix her computer and stuff. Then yesterday we all went to Don Pablo’s for Alexis’s birthday! Later we had to go to the hospital b/c one of Sarah’s friends got in a car accident. Soon after we found out that she was okay, which made us feel much better. After that we watch a lil Shrek and then time for bed. As for today, today was Thanksgiving. I was able to wake up and watch the Thanksgiving day parade, in which Sarah was playing in it for the SHS marching band. It was happy and proud of her, for her television debut! Well for the rest of the day we just ate and ate and ate. So much food! It was great. And now tomo I’m waking up at 4 in the morning to do the big day after Thanksgiving day sale shopping and also my christmas shopping!! So I best be getting to bed its already midnite and I hafta wake up in 3 1/2 hours so I’m out. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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