Hearts Burst…

This weekend was amazing, nonetheless.  Another successful event in the past.  Saturday night, I hosted an event, with my buddy Mike, at the Mirage for Valentine’s day, Hearts Burst Into Fire.  Everyone looked amazing and I want to thank everyone that came out and had the night of their lives for Valentine’s.  In the event of it all, as the night ended something happened to my cell phone.  Buttons refused to respond to pressure, which doesn’t allow me to answer calls, read txt messages or anything else that a button would do on my cell phone.  This means I won’t have a cell phone for 4 entire days.

Does it sound pathetic to say I feel this lost without my cell phone?  I mean we’re only talking 4 days, but wow, not having that sociability is something you don’t realize until its nonexistent.  Crazy how such a small device has such a huge impact on your life, how dependent you become on something.  Anyways I’ve setup alternative methods of contact, I’m currently receiving calls through my Skype at 586.623.5500 and txt messages through my Google account.  Its temporary for now, and definintely not portable, since I don’t have a portable device, but it works.  This is killer…heh

Until next event, or sooner…


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