We talk, we whisper, we mumble, but to scream ignites.  It ignites passion, power and prestige.  I’m not talking about just any scream, a real scream.  To savor the air you breath in as it fills your lungs, releasing it with every emotion in you, to where you feel it from the depths of your toes to the echo above you.  It’s hard not to say that we all are holding something back, holding back what we think is right, what we think is wrong.  STOP holding back.  Breath in deep and scream, scream out that tension you have with in you.

If there’s one thing that one could not live without is love.  I’m not talking about lust, I’m talking about love.  The passion, the magnitude, the mystery of love.  The feeling that takes over you, when you become vulnerable to someone, to fall.  Real love is sui generis.  I don’t think it could be ever more transparent that music was made for love.  Music is a passion for expression and the ultimate expression one could express is love.  Love is simple.  It’s everything around it that makes it complicated.  Accept who you are, believe in what you feel, and commit yourself to love.  That’s the secret, the ABC’s.  Love is ridiculously more than four letters, it’s a way of life.

Regardless of the sound you make, take the moment to let it all out and scream.  Scream hard, scream long and DO NOT hold back.  Accept. Believe.  Commit.  It feels so good.  Let it out and next time you scream, SCREAML?ve.

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