Unparalleled resplendence

Gravity is consistent and expected.  It’s also often taken for granted what gravity does for us. What it means to have a gravitational force that, without, would have never caused the apple to fall from the tree.  What’s obvious but a forgotten ubiquity is this same force that is continuously effecting me, is effecting you. Everyone is simultaneously being effect by the same force, that is evident. Yet, in a rare sometimes, there’s a new dimension to this force.

See this is where it gets interesting and exciting.  We all take for granted the force of gravity and never think about it from day to day, thats normal. Then this new dimension comes in.  Now there’s moments such as now that vividly accentuates a force upon you.  I feel connected right now, perpetually, that I really can’t explain the how’s and why’s about it.  I’m attracted, I’m pulled in, like gravity, in a new dimension.

Even a measurable two-dimensional distance has become no boundary because this new dimension is unmeasurable.  Through a semi-archaic technological phenemonen and pico-sized word phrases, momentum finds its way of building itself in this new dimension.  So if this force is this strong through such a small medium of communication, I could only imagine what adding deeper, more explicit elements could do to the equation.  I’ve taken a lot of physics through my undergrad and I can solve a lot of physics equations, but see, this is different.  Yet through past experiences, senses of insecurity, and third-party friction, I’m of caution.  Mere obstacles that protect me from uncharted waters.  Waters that will either let me sail to a whole new world or to sink deeply into the great abyss.  Regardless of all things created, physical and mental, the force/feeling is still upon me and I think that’s a good thing, like gravity.  I’ve felt a lot of things in my quarter+plus century of life, but right now, there’s something that just feels right, in an unparalled resplendence.

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