Days go by too fast sometimes, like water in waterfalls. Every drop of water is thrusted so repetitively over the edge, falling just like the last drop, but not even a second ago. Rarely, if ever, do you actually remember a specific molecule that is different than the others. Yet its consistent, it moves over the edge, falls upon gravity’s command and blends with its peers at the bottom below. Much like the days passing, its difficult to say my life is in progression.

In reality of it all, the truth of a waterfall is wrapped in aggression, force, and acceleration, yet is a mystic, beautiful, euphoric thing, much like life, as a whole, somewhat oxymoronic, but positively reluctant. That as I continue to grow as one (perpetually, unwillingly), it makes me a stronger better person.

The many reasons for these writings is to not only assure myself that I am fine, but let everyone else know that I’m fine. In a sense that even without a better half that I am fine. I appreciate everyone who wishes the best for me, its really amazing to feel that. Words like thoughts make these sentences. Being consumed by numbers in 2 is fine. Why willow in others’ happiness? I’m confident in myself and I know what I want in another. It maybe unfortunate I haven’t found her yet, but maybe that’s the real fortune, when I do.

One day one drop of water will be different that all the rest. The drop holds its significance. One day I will meet someone that completes the puzzle. The excitement and gratification of building a puzzle is exhilarating. When you know you have ‘that’ piece in hand and as you move it closer and closer and place it in its forever destined spot just makes simple sense. One day I’ll know more of what I don’t know, yet I love that. I think its not what you know, but more over how you handle what you don’t know. I’m so grateful for the people I have around me and I couldn’t be any happier for their “complete me’s”. Indulge in your life, your love. For I know that one day I will have mine…with her, ours.

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