I’m A Traitor, I Know

So today marks the very 1st day that I officially purchased an MP3 on the internet. Yes, me, Anthony, purchased a song on iTunes for $0.99. What has this world come to eh?

But here’s my logical thinking….so The Used and My Chemical Romance did a Queen/David Bowie cover song to “Under Pressure”. Not only do I love that song, the original, I love the bands that did the cover. Also all the proceeds from the purchase goto the Tsunami Relief Foundation. So if I think about it, I donated to a good cause. Today was the official release of the song exclusively on iTunes, and I just had to hear it also.

Yes, I’ve succombed. I spent almost a full U.S. dollar on a MP3 over the internet. The funny thing is, I feel like I did something wrong. I did get a good song though, it’s really good.

Okay time to go listen to my song, I’m going to get my full $0.99 worth of it, cuz shit thats a lot of money I just spent. Damn, damn.


j__lynn says:

How is that song?
I have not heard it yet and the used is my FAVORITE band ever!!


admin says:

it’s an awesome song, I loved the used to, if you want, IM me and I’ll send you the song, you’ll love it. Good stuff!

jenniferdunn says:

Trader = Traitor?

[This comment brought to you by the grammar police]

admin says:

ahh thanx….i fixed it…

jenniferdunn says:

99 cents for ONE song!?!? Yeesh. No wonder when 7-11 was doing the free i-tunes song promotion last summer, my friend James was all gung-ho about getting the winning codes from the slurpee cups! Yikes!

admin says:

haha yes, its nuts, and oh listen to this…..not only do you pay 99cents, when you download a song through iTunes you cannot play that song anywhere else except on iTunes itself, so no Winamp or MusicMatch, or Windows Media Player, iTunes alone. Also you can’t burn that song to CD or put it on an MP3 player unless it’s an iPod. Talk about controlling?! Apple puts what is called a DRM (Digital Right Management) encryption on the file so that it only works with iTunes and iPod. Basically you have to buy their products to use the music that you paid for. Yeah, bullshit. So yeah, I’m against that, shit I paid for the damn song and can barely do anything to it, so what do I do? I found a method to remove the DRM encryption off of the file then decrypt it over to an MP3 format so that I can play it on my Winamp and on my MP3 player, fuckars! If you’re interested or if anyone is interested on how to hack iTunes files and remove the DRM on them, just let me know, I’ll be glad to lead people in the direction to doing so. Ha Ha Ha!

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