January in a Whirlwind

I know last time I left a entry on LJ it was pretty shitty. So I got my grades back then and I once again am having a difficult time with my school. It’s so frustrating, seriously what is is going to take to catch a break at this damn school and graduate! So the 1 class that I needed to pass majorly, I didn’t. And since this class is a prerequisite for a class I’m already enrolled in the spring, it means I could get booted from this class. And another bull shit thing about it is both of these classes are only offered once a year. That really screws up my life. I am currently scheduled to graduate this summer sometime. And after talking to the professors about my dilemma I was able to get a lil grasp of air. Basically I have to take a placement exam at the end of February to prove that I belong in the class I am enrolled in. Oh this spring semester does not look pretty. Yeah and I’ll have to take 2 classes in the summer now, not 1. So 2006 has gotten off on a major slump. I’ve had a few people asking me if I’d be interested in some jobs, but I don’t know what to do b/c I frankily won’t know EXACTLY when I’ll have my freaking degree!!

In recaps of the last couple weeks, 2 weekends ago we went to the North American International Autoshow. Seen some sweet cars as usual. In a very depressing manor, I think my wonderful camera that has provided me with nearly 5000 pictures on my picture website has finally had its rest. The pictures are barely coming out and it doesn’t want to give a good picture yet. May S230 rest in piece. As for last weekend Friday we had a poker night at Jason’s house with Shawn and Ron. After a couple rounds of poker and plenty to drink we headed up to the Post for some more drinking. It was really dead there so we continued on to Tiki Bob’s. More drinking and then back to Justin’s place to crash. Saturday was my cousin, Milena’s, birthday party. So we went there, Natalie and I. Later that night we met up with Nikki and Neil to go out to Canada. It was probably one of the strangest nights. Lots of same sex dance, unofficial homo night maybe? Anyways there was this chick that was passing out cards to fill out for a raffle, we all filled one out.

During last week I recieved a call from Bentley’s. Sure enough I won free drinks for this past Friday, 35 drinks to be exact. Sweetness! I go to call Natalie to tell her and, what do ya know, she won too! What are the odds that both of us win? So now we have 70 drinks to put down in less than 4 hours. That coming Friday we got the whole gang to get and some for some free drinking. It kinda sucked that it was only well drinks, but free is free. Probably the cheapest night of my life! As for Saturday we were supposta go snowboarding, but being up so late the night before, it didn’t happen. So after waking up and a lil breakfast at Ram’s Horn, Natalie and I got ready and went to her cousin Ethan’s 2nd birthday. We got him a Ben Wallace jersey. It was sweet. After the birthday party Natalie and I went to Nick and Jenny’s to watch a movie. Sandlot 2. Not the greatest to similar to the original, not that great. Sunday was a big sleeping in day. Literally laid in bed til 3:30. It was awesome. Later that evening Rachel’s mom Kathy needed some work on her computer so I took care of that, then I worked on Marisa’s video for her cheerleading competition. It was quite the weekend.

This upcoming weekend is probably one of the most anticipated one for Detroit, MI. It’s Super Bowl weekend and host right here in the city of Detroit! I’m not 100% what our plans are yet for the big game, but I’m sure they’ll be good. Saturday morning we bumped last weeks snowboarding trip to this upcoming week. I need it badly. I seriously found a new sport that I just love. I need more of it. Now that I’ve started to make a lil bit of money I want to get back to the gym. I think I met get a membership this weekend. Things are just so hectic from work to night school to web work to video editing to graphics editing to printing things to computer fixes. It’s so hard to squeeze in other things when I just wanna rest on the weekends.

There is much to expect in the next months to come. February 11th we’ve planned on going up to Natalie’s place in Caseville with some family and friends. Also there is an awesome concert I can’t wait for in March. As for now I this week is going to be just as busy as the last and I live for the weekends. Only 4 more days til.

Time to go, class tonight should be just as boring as the last, but I need to learn this stuff (actually this professor is really cool, I really like his teaching ethics. Good man)


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Yeah we didnt end up going snowboarding either 1 reason we drank way to much at the hayloft the night b4 and other part it was 52 degrees on saturday!

hopefully i shall get out there once more atleast!

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