Last year of college begins

So its now been 4 complete years of college and I’ve not started my 5th and hopefully final year. It’s amazing how fast time goes by. I know its been a while since I’ve updated so here I am. I didn’t have internet all of last week (deprived, yeah, I know, I felt lost without it, as pathetic that is) Over the past couple weeks I finished up work and moved back up to school. The weekend of the 22nd we went up to CMU to party with Nikki and friends. She had a nice lil kegger at her house. It was great. Seen my sister’s new apartment. Looks good, I like.

The weekend of the 29th, Friday night we went over to Canada for Sarah’s 19th birthday, finally! It was probably one of the greatest moments over at Canada. Good times people good times. As always you can check the photo galleries at for a more visual idea of the night. Then later that weekend I had to move back up to school. It was different this year tho. No more apartment 230. This year is not the same. With Shawn graduating, Justin commuting, and Jason and Anoop living in a 2bd apartment a few miles from the school, apartment 230 is lil separated. I’m not living in a house behind my old apartments along with 4 new roommates. They’re pretty cool, Steve, whom is also a CS lives with us. The other 3 guys are all from different states. It’s just weird to walk by the apartments everyday when going to class and look over at 230 and see different people in it. Times do move on. It’s how it is.

Well my first week of classes went well. I’m not sure if they’re gonna be hard yet. It seems like it could quite possibly be. Nanotechnology looks like its going to be a cool, but hard class. We’re going on a few trips to UofM and Wayne State to see some of the advance in bio-nanotechnology. That stuff is way cool.

Last weekend Natalie and I went with my family to Slaughtered at Sundown haunted hayride and barn. Cool stuff. Man has the weather just randomly changed lately. All last week is way to hot to sleep with and blankets and then this past weekend was so cold, long jeans and hoodies. That’s good ol Michigan weather for ya! Saturday night we went out to Tiramsu with Natalie’s aunts and then back to her grandma’s for some movie time. Sunday was my cousins birthday party way out in Romeo then to Natalie’s grandmas for some ball soup. MmmMMMmmMMMMmm good.

As for today, well today is a good day. I will be driving home tonight for the much awaited Emery concert. Emery, along with As Cities Burn, Gym Class Heroes, and Gatsby’s American Dream are playing tonight at St. Andrew’s Hall. Hell yes, Emery fucking rocks and its only a few hours away.

Ayite time for me to go get ready and go home. I’ll post some pics and hopefully vids of the concert later. Amanda, I’m sure you wish you could go. Hehehe!



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