More Boarding and Sarah’s Performance

Hmm, the last 2 Sundays I’ve been up at Holly boarding more and more. I taught Danko last weekend how to board and he’s progressively getting much better. It’s so much kick ass fun! I heart snowboarding. I’m really starting to get the hang of it and it just become funner each time I go.

This past weekend was a fun one. Saturday Mike came over just about all day and we worked on his computer for like 6 hours, just trying to fix every lil problem on it and getting it back up to speed, I was successful with that, hehe. Then after we met up with Mike’s mom and Natalie at MCC Performing Arts to see Sarah in her ballet of Wizard of Oz. It was cool. See Mike was supposta be up at school all weekend and Sarah had no clue he was there. After the show we brought him back stage for a surprise!! She was so stoked! We were supposta go to some after glow thing for the cast and shit afterwards, but ended up going out to eat at Fridays. The four of us went back to Nat’s house thinking we’d all drink and shit, but after a drink or two we were all sick and not feeling good at all. Wasn’t good. Called the drinking night early and finally made it to sleep by 4am. I had to wake up at 8 Sunday morning to go boarding. I somehow did.

So I spent nearly all of my day Sunday snowboarding with Danko, Amanda devilplaygirl, and her b/f Chris. Good times. Love the snow right now. After boarding I went to my cousins house for a triple birthday party. Good stuff. And now today I’m here at work, doing w/e as usual. Matt and I came up with this brilliant idea last week for our office, lets broadcast it online. So we bought a couple webcams off of eBay and now they are here and hosting a somewhat slow broadcast of our office and whatever we’re doing.

Our live office webcam here!!

You wish you were as cool as us!! I’ll be leaving work early today to go boarding with cousin Mario and Zack. I’m hype for it. Sweet dealio. Napoleon Dynamite, good shit……….”What ever I feel like, GOSH!!!!” (best quote of the movie!)

KK, time to actually try to do some work….peace shwiggas!

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im jealous ur going boarding im so broke…

sweet u finally watched napolean


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