Pikes Pledge Party, School, My House

Ok as I had said last weekend was the Pikes Pledge Party friday nite. It was killer. Lots of fun. My cousin Matt came up for the nite and hung out with us. First we started things off in our apartment, and then later that nite moved onto the Pikes house. My buddy Robby DJed it, and did a kickass job. I had a helluva time. Oh also there was this one chick who kept lookin at me and I kept lookin back and it was goin on for a good portion of the nite. I was like damn who the hell is that, she’s kinda cute? And so as the nite progresses and i went up danced a lil with her. At the end of the nite she came back up to me and was like u remember me? I was like fuck, yur stacy granchi! It was nuts, we talked a lil, but she had to go as did I. But it was nuts cuz I dated her like years ago. And who’da thought i’d see her at a Kettering party. The nite was fun fun. Then on saturday nite i went to Chris Wolners old house for a lil party. Wasnt all to great. And then Monday morn I got my window tinted resolved. As for the rest of the week it was homecoming and it fuckin rained on the carnival. Oh Tuesday nite was B-Dub’s night and we got free wings. So Anoop and I went to get em. The table we sat at my calc prof was there. And she was sayin hi and introduced my to her daughter (who looked quite good!), and i felt kinda weird bout that…but anyways thats was that. Thursday my cuz Nick swung by the apartment, chilled with us. He had a baseball game round the corner from my school. Friday I went home chilled for awhile and then later that nite went to Erin’s house. We just sat around for awhile then later went bowling with some of her friends. It was quite fun. Saturday I went to Nick’s last baseball game then I went with Roy to the mall. We just went round talkn to all the peeps we knew workin there, pretty pathetic, i know. Later that nite I decided to throw a little get-to-gether. Matt, Kristy, Nick, Jenny, Roy were there. Then Sienna came home with some of her peeps. And then I had Nikki, Jessica, and Erin come. My cuz Trish came with her friend Nicole. And then Rachel had people at her house so they swung by here then there too. A good good nite. For today it wasnt’ much of anything. Pistons won game 7 and now they will advance on in the playoffs! Woohoo! And now I’m back here at school. OH i just remembered I got a 93 on my 1st calc exam!! DAMN i was sooooo happy. I’m actually doin quite good this sememster. Things are sweet. Umm I’ve been workin recently on a website job which has been goin well. I’m ready to start makin some money!! Hell yeah!! Anyways nuttin else I know is goin on. May 17th we’re throwin a bash here at our apartment, its gonna be bad ass. If u’re of interested call me and I’ll give ya directions to my school. Ok thats whats been going on, a lot, but for now i’m gonna leave it here until next time. Outtie!


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