Rachel’s Graduation and Final’s

Well over the past week or so I’ve been studyin for finals. Last Saturday was Rachel’s graduation which was fun. My roommates Shawn, Anoop, and Jason came by. The rest of the weekend wasn’t really anything to brag about. Oh last weekend I bought my website for my company. www.magmediadesign.com. Plans for this summer include working on that and getting ready for more website work. I have so many ideas and plans for the summer, it’s going to be great. My plans and arrangements for skydiving are becoming more serious and I have information on that. Click here for more details. As for this week I finished all my microcomputers labs, wrote my final exams essays for Shakespeare, and studyed for my Calculus finals. Just recently I finished my Microcomputers exam and I have a good feeling about it. I think I really knew my shit. And now all i have left is Calculus at 7:30 am on Saturday morning. I start work then that Monday. I need the money!! Ayite for the most part that the jiffy bout what’s new and what’s been going on. I’ll probably be writing next in the comfort of my home and back for the summer. Time to get crunk!


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