Random Recordings #19

This is part of a series I call random recordings. You can learn more here: https://anthonymontalbano.com/random-recordings-1/

The following recordings are for July 2018:

  1. Don’t just respond with a fast, automatic response. Think slowly, a conscious, rational response.
  2. Happiness is mastering oneself. Success is measured in how much you help others.
  3. Few people are logical. Most are prejudiced and biases.  Consider yourself.
  4. Nothing good is accomplished and a lot of damage can be done if you tell a person straight up that he or she is wrong. You only succeed at stripping that person’s self dignity and making yourself a part an unwelcome part of any discussion.
  5. Show respect for other peoples’ opinions. Never say you’re wrong.
  6. By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected.
  7. Gentleness and friendliness are always stronger than fury and force.
  8. It’s important to emphasize that you’re striving for the same thing and the only difference is one of method, not purpose.
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