Random Recordings #43

This is part of a series I call random recordings. You can learn more here: https://anthonymontalbano.com/random-recordings-1/

The following recordings are for July 2020:

  1. The only true wisdom is knowing when you know nothing.
  2. Ignorance more frequently begets confidence then does knowledge.
  3. Attachment creates anxiety.
  4. Happiness is a state of non-attachment.
  5. The need to win drains us of power. If we don’t need to win we have so much more energy.
  6. Life is something that happens to us when we’re engaged in something else.
  7. All upset exists in you, not in reality.
  8. Something didn’t upset you, you upset yourself on the occasion of something.
  9. Maturity is when you no longer blame anyone. You don’t blame others, you don’t blame yourself. You see what’s wrong, you set about remedying it. That’s one pretty good sign of maturity.
  10. Taking action to remedy a situation is different than taking action to remedy a feeling.
  11. Love is not blaming others, love is not judging others, love is not condemning others, love is understanding.
  12. The world is full of sorrow. The root of sorrow is attachment. The uprooting of sorrow is the dropping of attachment. The understanding that attachment is a false belief. The false belief that anything or any person can make you happy. True happiness is caused by nothing. True happiness is uncaused.
  13. Loneliness is the desperate need for people to the point that you’re unhappy without people.
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