School nearing, already?

Hmm, its been a while since I’ve actually updated with whats going on new. Ehh nothing really I could say. The same old work every day is just dragging. A couple weekends ago Mike, Nikki, and I went out to Emerald Ball room for the heck of it. Met up with PJ and a trillion others. Good nite. The weeks are slow, same old shit each week. For St. Patrick’s day we went up to Mequite Tavern to watch Natalie’s Uncle’s band. It was sweet. I had some green beer, but i don’t think it did me well. I got sick that nite from that. Then this past weekend I went to Canada with Natalie, Danko, Jac, Rache, and others. Good times. Thats the in briefness whats been going on. Simple things.

Friday we have the Breaking Benjamin, Exies, and Theory of a Deadman concert. I’m hype for that. I love music. So I’m into it. My band, The Silence kinda split up. Actually half of the band stayed intact and the other is broken off and they started a new band, I Am Ghost. And might I add, I Am Ghost is sick! Go check them out on myspace or purevolume. So good! Also The Silence’s new music is good too. Go listen to “Gone Until December” Ayite thats it for my music update.

This weekend is also Easter and then next weekend I get ready to go back up to school. Only 3 more semesters left!! Its getting down to the end. Woo hoo!

Sorry for such a short update after a long silence. My life hasn’t been exactly a circus lately. All is well tho. I think I’m ready for school. I think I’m getting sick. Phewww….



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