School, school, almost there…..

O’er the past weekend as I had mentioned Natalie and I spent the nite together Friday nite for our 1st month, watched Cruel Intentions. She got me my favorite Italian candy, Baci’s, so good. Saturday I spent all day at my cousins Nick’s house watching college football. Great games all day, go blue! Sunday I layed around most of the day, helped my parents out around the house with getting it ready for sale. Later that night I took my bro to his confirmation rehearsal (I’m his sponsor). We also went to my grandma’s for dinner, gotta love good Italian home cookin’

The week so far has been quite busy and tiring. I can’t wait til the weekend. Friday is Justin’s (my bro) actual Confirmation. Then for Saturday a bunch of us are plannin on going to the U of M campus and tailgating the whole U of M/Ohio State game. GO BLUE! It’s gonna be one helluva game! No other plans really for Saturday for sure, it all depends on how I feel after the football game (win/lose). I got so much h/w and test and projects and shit I gotta get done so I’ll prolly spend a good time Sunday doing that.

Recently I began writing this new program which helps me manage my businesses clients and projects, basically a multilevel database. It’s pretty sweet, still tweaking it tho. I’ve made it quite in depth and expandable that way in the future it will become more versatile.

Hmm, other than that nothing really new, OC last nite was kick ass, I seen that coming with Seth, crazy. Next week is a short one, Thanksgiving. I’m definitely looking forward to that! So much good food and football all day. Oh forgot to mention, I pretty sure that I’m gonna be playing on a flag football league this January, that’ll be sweet. This semester is going to be finished before I know it, damn does time ever fly. Ayite, I’m out…….


admin says:

Thanks, I wrote it in VBA using Access as my foundation for the database. It’s getting there, still got a few problems with it tho, ahh well it’ll be pimp, gonna help me out with managing the biz.

hotboy21 says:

good luck i have a friend name nick he is italian and he works at sommerset mall with me in a/x and the oc did kick ass man but seth need to get with tha blond chick she is hot and has mad style pluse summer is hot but i like that other girl personality better

admin says:

gotta love the italians, heh! and yes the OC is great, i’m really not sure whom I like better, but u do got a point and i think it might be best if seth ended up with anna. Next week, the big secret. Hmm wonder what that could be? damn just gonna hafta wait to see. Later man.

hotboy21 says:

yup yup yeah man i can’t wait hahah peace dude

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