Shoppin’s A Bitch

Yesterday was a crazy day at the mall. I had to get a couple of gifts for my cousins for their b-days. I couldn’t figure out what the hell to get! Finally I settled down with some jewelry and a Mann CD. It’s all good. PJ and Sarah prolly would never wanna go shoppin wit me again. Oh well I got my shit done. Now today I’m goin to get Eric(a.k.a. Mann) to sign my CD for my cuz. Anyways I’m here at work, not sure what I’m going to do, Craig isn’t working today because his best friend just got killed in a car accident, I sorry for him. It’s been one helluva week!! I can’t believe what has happened! Damn!! Hopefully 2nite will be tite. I need a normal nite this week. Yesterday I burned the shit out of my ass again. Hurts like hell!! Well 2nite I’m goin to my cousins’ b-day party and to Kelly’s b-day party. I hope she enjoys her gift, I was up to 3 0’clock in the morn finishing up that thing!! But I’m impressed with the finished product. It should be fun 2nite. Work is calling me so I gotta get back 2 it! Lata!


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