Thanksgiving and all that…….

Let me see if I can date back the last 2 weeks….. its been a lot…

For what I remember, the last time I updated, the dates therefore after that included a weekend at Nick and Jenny’s new condo. My cousin Nick and his g/f Jenny moved in together and bought a condo at 19&Hayes. Its really nice and very well decorated. So That Saturday night we threw a lil housewarming party for them. Seriously I think that was the first time that we had all of the cousins together for the party, Nick, Jenny, Matt, Mario, Olivia, Sienna, Justin, Neil, Nikki, Natalie, Nathan, and myself. It seriously was an awesome night. Prior to the party we went ice skating at Mt Clemens with Lindsey and Marisa. So there adds 2 more to the family!! Awesome weekend.

The weekend after was the much awaited Michigan-Ohio State game. I’d rather not mention much about this game, because to much disappointment, Michigan lost. The game should have been won and Michigan just wasn’t on. Tough luck I guess. We also spent most of Saturday at Nick and Jenny’s that day watching all sports. That day seriously had to be the worst day in Michigan sports history. Lets just see, Michigan, Michigan State, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, and Central Michigan all lost. Oh and the Tigers didn’t play, but they automatically lose by default. It was a sad, poor day.

After a short school week, only 2 days, it was a much deserved Thanksgiving break. I came up late Tuesday night. I slept most of Wednesday. Then later that night we decided to go over the border to Canada for big big bar night! It was pretty fun. Man has it got cold!! It was snowing like no other! Craziness. Then after getting home at near 2am and going to bed shortly after, Natalie, Marisa, Erin, and I woke up at 6am so that we could go run the Turkey Trot in Detroit, Thanksgiving morning. WOW, was it ever cold! Well I could handle the cold, but the strong winds really made it rough. But lil over an hour later we completed the full 10k run. What an accomplishment, now for some turkey!

For Thanksgiving we had my mom’s side of the family at our house. Natalie went up north to Caseville with her family for the holiday. Our food was outstanding, as always. Later that night I got a couple hour nap in before the 7th annual D.A.T.S. at Best Buy. Seriously, its become ridiculous lately. We went to the Best Buy on Hall Road around 1am and the line was already swinging around behind the store. WTF!! It’s nuts. So PJ and Liz met me at the Best Buy in Rochester Hills. It wasn’t as bad of a line, but fuck, it was wicked cold! After about 2 or so hours of sitting there, we threw in the towels. Nobody came out for the year. It was by far the worst D.A.T.S of them all. Does this mean that its coming to an end?! Ahh well I went home and had probably one of the greatest sleeps I’ve had in a very long time.

Later that Friday night we went over Joann and Aarons house for some pizza and a movie. We watched the Interpreter. It was slightly confusing, but really a good story. Saturday night we had a lil party at Natalie’s house. Good times my friends, good times. Didn’t drink much, but watched a lil Pistons action and had fun. As for Sunday, it was my great Uncle Jerry’s 90th birthday party. It was great. I made a lil slideshow video of him throughout his life including many awesome pictures of him when he fought in WWII. Seriously some of the greatest pictures of all time. So awesome I had to post a couple of them below to share.

These 3 photos were taken in early 1940’s during World Word II

This is a picture of my grandma’s aunt and her grandmother in 1946 when they were leaving Italy for America for the first time.

I just had to include this picture because this is has my grandma and grandpa and a bunch of their brothers, sisters, and cousins. My grandma and grandpa are the ones in the front left hand corner. It’s so crazy to see them like this!! The picture was taken in 1965, my grandma was only 20 and my grandpa, 21. Hehe!

Ok there’s my photo op for the month. These are seriously some awesome pictures. I have over 100 more that I’d love to share, but I figured I’d just pick a few.

So this is now 9th week and nearly 1 full week of classes then exams left. I can not wait. I can’t believe that the holidays crept up on us so fast!! This weekend plans are still flying, but we’ll figure them out. Then next weekend will be the 3rd year seeing the Trans Siberian Orchestra!! I’m so excited, it is seriously one of the coolest concerts around and just in time for the holidays! Ok I have to go tho, I have so much to do in the next 2 weeks it’s nuts!! Here’s a simple list of what I need to do.

Write 2 papers for Nanotechnology
Develop the schools website for Nanotechnology
Write 2 papers for Senior Seminar on Ethics
Do Functional Programming homework
Do Computer Networks homework
Develop a mail client in Java for Networks
Study for Theory of Computation

It’s a lot to do so I best get crackin!! Later y’all and I leave you with this. If you can solve this equation, comment the answer!

M(2.71828) R^2 ln(1/y) sqrt(x^2) w/(9.8m/sec^2)


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