What a great thursday!

Today is the fuckin shit. I’m feelin good right now. It’s been a good week so far then today….awesome. There are so many things that has happen and so much for me to look forward to in the next month. So here’s why I’m so fuckin hype right now:
-I got a $500 bonus today
-I get paid tomorrow ($400)
-I get my tax refunds in a week ($1400)
-I will now pay off all my credit cards
-I’m getting a new cell phone March 11th (one with a 1.2mp camera, mp3 player, and an expandable SD slot)
-Emery, Eighteen Visions concert tomorrow night
-I get my “The Silence” hoodie, DVD, and CD next monday
-This weekend is V-day for Nat and I
-The O.C. (my fav show) starts in less than 2 hours
-I got a free car wash from my work
-I got my 3rd issue of my new free magazine, Sync
-I got new website work to do (more $$$!)
-I started a new website, www.techmenot.com
-I got my mySQL database to connect to my website using PHP, and most of the site’s database driven code is complete, learned so much today, I love it!
-I get my Emery track jacket tomorrow

That’s all I can think of right now, but oh man I love it! So much good stuff! Life is good, oo fortissimo e vivace! Sweet shit. KK time for me to go work on my website and rock out to some Emery, Silence, Sense Fail, From First To Last, and Greeley Estates.

Burn out, not fade away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sup how is school… i have to get on the o.c that has to be the two hottest lesbians i ever seen

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