Umm alot has happen, lots uv bullshit, but whatever. I havent talked in a while and there is alot goin on, but i’m not going to publically put everything here. Well lets see, Sarah and I are over. Its just a nuts thing, totally. I mean I love her for real and I care about her, but the shit thats been going on I dunno what to say. I’m torn. Umm I’m speechless right now. Last thursday I won the 4 play at 4 on DRQ. It was cool for the moment. This week is my last week of work and I’m out and back at school. Also I’m working on starting a business for media design. Doing things like websites, graphics, custom programs, logos, advertisement, digital invitations and business cards, custom DVD’s. There is so many things I’m going to offer, but for now its still in its infancy. I’ll probably register the company sometime next week. I’ll fill u in more once I kick it off. I’m excited about that. I wish there was more for me to say, but I’ve been really busy and my emotions and feelings have taken more than a beating. So please bare with me and I’ll be back and better. I’m a strong person, I have one hell of a life that I’m gonna live and its starting now!


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